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The Breast Growth Hormones, including IGF, HGF and how macromastia happens
(24-12-2016, 08:39 PM)peekaboobs Wrote:
(24-12-2016, 12:58 PM)surferjoe2007 Wrote: Very nice, thanks for the update.  Though it's expensive you may want to try the IGF I linked too.  Most of the others are supposedly very weak.  Even for this one bodybuilders usually use the highest concentration just to get a little boost.  And since it can boost testosterone the anti-androgens are even more important with it.

My butylene glycol, DMSO, IGF and a couple other things arrived.  The couple other things are to mix with butylene glycol/DMSO and try on myself to test the carriers.  I still need to mix them up.  Holidays have been crazy.

I studied up on DMSO quite a bit and first tested the DMSO and DV on myself to test for adverse reactions.  Not sure if  it will be used in the future for her breasts, but it's interesting none the less.  The straight (and expensive!) IGF does sound a lot more potent.

I measured her bust at 42 1/8" today.  Hope it stays!

Sorry I should have said deer antler velvet.  It's merely a good extract and not so dilute.  Even though it's not a controlled substance and not well monitored (it's pretty easy to get), pure IGF is sold only for research purposes.  But on the plus side with deer antler it's unlikely that you'll overdose on IGF unlike pure IGF.

DMSO is very safe and non-toxic as long as you're clean about it and let it fully dry before the skin touches anything.  It's the possibility of it letting other nearby contaminants into the body that makes it scary.

I tried both butylene glycol and DMSO today but I couldn't notice any immediate effect with either one.  I may have to try butylene glycol for multiple days with deer antler to see if it works as a topical method.

Nice progress.

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