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Bigger Boobs = Higher Success Rate for Relationship? Thoughts?
Lol.  First off, did any of the last few posters realize that this thread was resurrected from almost 4 YEARS ago?  Haha!

Second, this is a very clear case where the original poster was just bad at science.  One person, with a preconceived idea, looks around her immediate surroundings only to people that she knows as her sample size.  Yeah, no.  That's just terrible science.  Basically, you need a much bigger sample of many many more people.  

Third, in no way does anecdotal evidence prove or disprove anything, but like many others here, I can at least match stories in how I see the opposite working out.  I've been happily married for 10 years and no signs of trouble, stronger relationship than ever.  I have the smallest boobs of nearly anyone I know, barely a handful.  The top ten biggest-breasted women that I know?  Single, divorced, in the process of divorcing, broken-off engagement, etc.  If I thought that my sample size constituted any real science, I would guess that men hopped into the relationship to hastily for sexual-attraction reasons and less so for the woman's mind and personality.  I would further propose that my husband's tolerance for my completely lack of boobage has a lot to do with him having to be more attracted to the whole package that is me and not distracted by a superficial feature.  HOWEVER, in no way do I think that MY observations constitute any real science, so it's silly to draw any conclusions from it.  Smile


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