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Dome size database!
Oook, so I recieved cL domes today and they were way too small. I actually believed they might fit but, nope. I'm kind of concerned again now. One the first page of this thread, it says that XL diameter is 14cm and XXL is 18cm. Given that a little is taken up by the rim, the XL might be too small as well.. XXL just sounds like overkill, but the contoured large ones left out 2-3 cm of my boobs. Return shipping is pricey and I don't want to return an item twice. Those of you who noogle, how much space do your cups leave for the sides of your breasts?
Hello, i'm about to get a noogleberry system. But still pretty confused about the right cups that i should buy.
My current measurements is 29 underbust, 35 bust, 34 above
I fit on 34C/32D bra. I've been considering the CL cups but found out that it has 14cm width. I just tried to find a bowl (Lol, i know. duh) that has a 14cm width, but it didn't fit that well and too small for my breast. I have wide shoulder & chest. Then i tried to put another bowl with about 16cm width, and it fits great. So, should i really just go with the CL or get the larger ones instead?
Thank you in advance!
A new member, Liezel, posted (in another thread, http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=26664 this excellent comparative review of the Kangzhu and Noogleberry systems that addresses size and other issues, so I thought I'd quote it here since this thread is a great dome info gathering place. Thanks again, Liezel.

(05-07-2016, 09:08 PM)Liezel Wrote: Hi,

I am still new to the whole NBE thing, so definitely not an expert, but here is what I experienced:

Kangzhu - I first started with them for a couple of weeks
Pro - it is quite cheap
Pro - It has nice rubber around the edges, so doesn't hurt your chest
Con- I really struggled to keep the pressure which meant that I had to pump every now and then. So I couldn't do anything else
Con - After my second use, one of the airlock bits fell off, so I always had to do a bit a maintenance before I start.

Noogleberry - I switched to NB after a couple of weeks on Kangzhu
Pro - More professional system - definitely better quality
Pro - Suction lasts. I pump and then I can go and do other things and it keeps the suction.
Pro - Bigger sizes (XL and XXL)
Pro - great customer service
Con - Much more expensive
Con - it doesn't have rubber rings, so it took me a while to get used to the cups.

Bad effects = As far as I know, you will have issues with ANY system if you overpump. I suggest you read some of the threads on the forum about NB and Kangzhu as it will give you a better idea of overpumping etc.

All in all, I think both systems can work. If you have the money, I would suggest NB, but it is just because I am lazy and like the convenience of pumping and then going on with my life.

Hope this helps Smile

Hi guys
I started pumping 3 weeks ago. But I think my breast pump is a bit to large for my ribcage, I can only pump while I’m lying. As long as I not move it’s ok, but when I move the cup „farts“ and loses the vacuum. I’m a small person (UB 68cm, Bust 78cm). Also the silicon rings are way to uncomfortable. It’s a cheap „toy store“ pump… shame on me Rolleyes  So I wanna buy a new one. I read a lot of the girls are using Kangzhu.

The size of my breast pump is: 12cm without the silicon ring and 11,5cm inner diameter with silicon ring

I dont know wether to buy the medium or the large Kangzhu.
On Amazon and other sites I read the medium domes are 10cm and the large domes are 12cm wide. 12cm would be to large. But Peggy measured 9,7cm for the medium und 11cm fort the large domes. So I think the large domes would fit.

Does anybody know what’s the inner diameter with silicon rings and what’s the diameter without?
Thanks in advance
I've also a few questions... 

I use Kangzhu, and it has the markers on it. Goes to 11 centimeters in measurements. When I pump, I go about halfway, to 5 centimeters. That's on my left breast, the smaller one. I don't really pump my right breast. I tried to today, and I could barely fit it in into the darned thing, & kept losing suction.

So my question is, when do you know that it's time to size up? When your breast reaches to the end of the dome (in Kangzhu's case, at 11 centimeters) or when circumference-wise you can't stuff your whole breast in? lol There's still loads of room left in the cup, though, length-wise. 

My other question is about Bosom Beauty being recommended to me. I checked the size guide, and it says if you're a C cup to get their large domes, but they don't go up from there (from what I've seen). Wouldn't it be better to just move onto Noogleberry instead?
Hi everyone  Smile

This thread is pretty old so I am late to the party but I will add what I have learnt too. I don't know much as I have only been pumping for the past month, but most of the time I have been trying to find the right size and buying different cups or waiting for them to arrive. But I thought I should write about my experience.

I am a full 32 AA cup size and came across the noogleberry site. Just following the size chart on their website I should go for extra small or small(9 cm). After consulting with Lucy I bought the small breast system. After using it about a couple of weeks I discovered that it was too small for me. When fully pumped upto 70% of my boobs were pressing against the inner walls of the cups and they had almost reached the top. 

Then I ordered the medium(11 cm diameter) contoured(one am using but won't be anymore). These are also too small for me. Upto 50% of the breasts easily touch and press against the inner walls of the cup. And this is only after my third session. 

Now I am thinking about large(13 cm d) or contoured large(14 cm max). I cut up circles in paper of the same diameter as the cups to get an idea. The large kinda almost would cover the whole breast I think. The CL is slightly bigger than the breast. This is all according to the paper cut outs. I am not too sure about which one to choose, I am gonna be more careful before my next purchase(if I can't get an exchange).  Why didn't I just cut circles in paper before?  Huh Such a simple idea. I could have saved money lol.

Anyway, I think the SHAPE of the breast also matters, NOT JUST THE SIZE. The breast tissue I have is kinda very spread out at the base. I am guessing this is the reason.  The following post containing pics of my breast in the cups, in case it helps someone get a better idea.  

 ==> Small:

 ==>Medium contoured:

With the medium ones, let me know if I can get a little more use out of them or not. My primary goal is breast enlargement. Are the cups beneficial in anyway or not??

Hope this helps and feel free to give me advice. I am just a beginner Smile

Dark_Swan  Smile
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