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Are my breasts underdeveloped? Or just... odd?

It has been a long while but I am back with... no results. I got distracted and breasts didn't end up being on my mind for a long while. So now that they are I am going to start testing different methods and such. I read through all of your replies and I appreciate all of them! At the moment I can't really afford very much so I will probably be doing massages with some sort of oil. 
I am also going to try and get a full panel for all of my hormones to see if anything is going on there and what I can do or should and should not do in the future.
Hi.. I can understand your concern and i can relate to you. Even I too faced such problem when I was at your age. You are so young and there will be  many changes can happen in times. Mean while  you can also do massage for the growth. NO need to worry.  Everything will be sorted out with time.Smile


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