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Anyone had Liposculpture? (non-surgical laser fat removal)
OT - Anyone had Liposculpture (non-surgical laser fat removal)
August 23 2009 at 6:50 PM Louise (Login Louise1982)
I used to be on here ages ago but boobs are pretty decent now and although I'd like more I'm not motivated enough to go through the months of Brava again right now. Now although this isn't tit-related when I was here before a lot of people were also interested in weight loss and I was thinking of getting this done:


It is totally laser based, so from what I understand the laser damages the cell membrane of fat cells causing the fat to be released (? into the inter-cellular spaces), it gets to the liver and is metabolised like fat that you eat. Because those fat cells are 'dead' if you put on weight in future it will only go back to the treated area in proportion to everywhere else, so if you gain an inch in the lower body you'll gain in the upper body too because you've made your lower body less susceptible to fat storage.

So, has anyone had anything like this?

I'll prob be going for the consult soon if there's any questions you want me to ask?

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(Login -Moon-)
Re: OT - Anyone had Liposculpture (non-surgical laser fat removal)
August 23 2009, 8:24 PM

Hey Louise. I never heard of this proceedure so I dunno much, but it sounds kinda suspicious and unlikely to me that sth would work like that says. There are substances inside the cells that are toxic and shouldn't be in the blood, that triger an immmune response and blood clotting if they get into the blood etc. Natural programmed cell death takes place so that the cells are devoured and nothing is released. But when a cell is damaged it brakes down and if engouh cells break down like that it cuases a bad inflammation and immune reaction. I dunno, maybe this technique somehow overcomes this, I don't have any info on it after all. But the only non-invasive fat-removing/sculpturing proceedures I heard about work differently - they diminish the ammount of fluid arround the cells, and the effects aren't big.

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(Login Louise1982)
Re: OT - Anyone had Liposculpture (non-surgical laser fat removal)
August 23 2009, 9:11 PM

Hey Moon,

It's difficult to say because the website for the Liposculpt treatment doesn't give much technological or medical information (though I think it's ultrasound not laser which would make more sense, like busting a kidney stone). I've had a quick look on Medline and Pubmed and I found a couple of articles about ultrasound lipolysis all of which said it worked and had no side effects. I think 2 had figures and the average loss was about 4cm which is pretty much what I need. They advertise it as not being for general weight loss but for stubborn pockets of fat and they don't want to treat people with BMI over 30. I think I should be an ideal case as generally I'm slim with about 4 handfuls of fat on my upper thighs. If they can do me the special offer price I'll at least give it a fair chance (do the course and eat as advised after the treatments). I only looked it up at all because my hairdresser knows someone who's had a lot of success with it so I think it should have some effect!

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Re: OT - Anyone had Liposculpture (non-surgical laser fat removal)
August 23 2009, 10:00 PM

It'd be really interesting to know how it works on the cellular level. Maybe it does something to fat cells, but I really doubt it removes them. The non-invasive procedure that diminishes the ammount of fluid arround the cells is called cavitation. I just happened to read recently a cosmetic surgeon's reply in one of those magazine collumns to a reader that asked about ways to remove fat, liposuction and non-invasive, and he said that cavitation and another similar proceedure were the only non-invasive methods, and give modest to moderate results, and the only that gives large results is liposuction. Then again that applied to my country.

I think you have to take into account that the cosmetic surgery lobby is huge and influental, so the atmosphere in the general public and the media, and even the studies may be a bit ''optimistic'' so to say. Forums for cosmetic surgery would be a great place to find genuine feedback and info.

It'd be cool if sth like that existed, I might to like to get rid of my tummy someday too. As I'm slim and it's just for proportion I don't need a huge ammount either.

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Re: OT - Anyone had Liposculpture (non-surgical laser fat removal)
August 24 2009, 11:41 AM

The thing i know about laser and lipo is that it uses the laser instead of the liquid they inject into the body in traditional lipo but is does include incisions(very small)I had liposculture done for my lovehandles few months ago(not satisfied at all)You have to be careful because not everything you read and the doc says is true.There is nothing that perfect Sad

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