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I bought this PM powder off ebay
Please give input Smile
August 18 2007 at 12:38 PM
KittyCharlette (Login KittyCharlette)

I bought this PM powder off ebay and i asked them a few questions on it. this is what they said. what do you ladies think about it? does it sound like its crap or do you think its good stuff? im new to PM so i really dont know what i'm doing yet. thanks girls!

PM is harvested basicly all year long. During this time of the year is the most harvested time when all other fruits are ready.

Collecting PM root is a constant development area. Some lets PM root to grow too large and potency is less (up to ground properties).

All our powders are within these values.

Miroestrol is between 40.53-42.10mg/100gm (with HPLC method).

Daidzin 6.85-8.10mg/100gm (with HPLC method).

Daidzein 4.95-5.80mg/100gm (with HPLC method).

Genistin 1.19-1.30mg/100gm (with HPLC method).

Harvesting methods are really kept in secret by every manufacturer. This is due high loss of PM root by many manufacturers.

PM root is full of mould very quick after harvesting and production methods to collect correct way is kept in secrecy.

We have so called organic plantation PM root which growth is well controlled to get maximum properties. We also have some part of wild PM root which is usually made to extract. Everything which goes around Pueraria Mirifica "world" is a well kept secret. Especially Production and laboratory methods.

Right now we are the first one to offer Pueraria Mirifica Powder and Extract straight to public. It's so well kept inside Thailand and hard to get abroad (except readymade product). Capsules what people are buying on eBay and around the world are filled up with weak herbs like ginger, safflower, black pepper (so called "tropical herbs"). Our products are pure.

We as a foreign owned company in Thailand (Finnish-German) many been trying to get our manufacturing methods ever since 2002 when we started. Competition on this Product is very hard. Therefore we also keep lots of info on our side. All those who wish to conduct more laboratory tests on their own (independent laboratory) we recommend to do.

Here's a shortlist what we check by every batch.

Microorganism, pestiside test, nutritional, heavy metals, chromene (isoflavonoid derivatives HPLC)

-Lead (Pb) based on AOAC(2000)999.11

-Mercury (Hg) based on modified AOAC(2000)971.21

-Arsenic (As) based on modified AOAC(2000)986.15

-constant follow up to Miroestrol,Daidzin, Genistin, Daidzein (content per 100gm)

-Aldrin, dieldrin, heptachlor, heptachlor epoxide, DDT, BHC, Endrin, Lindane

The other tests are based on Atomic Absorption laboratory methods.

(Iron, Zinc, Copper, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Cadmium etc.).

All over this we have our own developed checking methods which we don't reveal while methods are non-patented.

Those methods are mainly to speed up production to collect root on time with strongest potency.




Lost Sheep
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Re: Please give input Smile
August 22 2007, 3:43 PM

Well, i would say its a bit of marketing and possibly truth.

Obviously a company needs to have a unique or better selling point than their competiters,so i do think this could be just sales jargon.

how can they prove they are the only PM sellers who harvest in this method,just because other sellers may not know or use such information to promote their item.
and by saying other sellers use ginger etc in capsules taintes other ebay sellers reputations which will/try to stop people buying else were.(Debs doesnt put other sellers products down,to gain more sales of her own products as it is unnecessary)
where are their facts to prove that other sellers do fill their products with ginger or crap or what eva-
"our products are pure"-where is their proof they could fill theres up,
although thier claimes could be entirely true,there is no way to substantiate their claims.

They keep alot of info on their side-Rubbish, they have provided all this info yet are not willing to share or give more, why would this be-because there is no other info worth sharing.
Im sorry i could pick more and more off this letter,(its something i am used to doing sorry)but i don't think i need to do more.

What i will say is to have it in powder form is certainly interesting, and i would love you to keep us informed as to how you get on,im not sure if this product will be better than any other PM product, but i will say it wont do any less than another,unlike when we buy a product and find out its less potent than a rival.

sorry if iv babbled hope my opinion helps good luck and happy growing

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Re: Please give input Smile
August 23 2007, 12:23 AM

thanks for your input! i think what they mean by "pure" is that its 100% PM. alot of companies that sell PM already capped add "tropical ingredients", such as ginger, not as fillers but because they also have phytoestrogens that can help in breast enlargement. They are selling a single ingredient. If you were to cap your own using their PM, it would be OK to add other herbs if you wanted to.

I compared what they told me about their HPLC tests to St. Herb's and they were very similar.

here is the hplc test results from St. Herb's PM

I guess there is only one way to know if it will work or not. Ive been capping my own. Each cap is between 400-450mg and i take 2/day. today im starting to feel very minor pains. i dont know if i should do the 15 day cycle or not. if you think i should, let me know soon! my 15 days is up in 2 days i think.

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My take....my 2 cents
August 23 2007, 3:27 AM

Miroestrol is between 40.53-42.10mg/100gm (with HPLC method). This is good quality BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>

For the most part that is mumbo jumbo marketing jargon.

The organic farm in Northern Thailand is grows and supplies commercially for st herb and other companies, and for research.

And to be very technical, the HPLC test is not really accepted by the scientific elite as valid when it comes to this particular compound. But it is all that is available right now.

They have just recently come up with a new "fingerprinting" test of sorts to identify the actives in PM .

And the real "red flag" in this guys speel is the mention of the use of wild grown plants...with an unknown harvest cycle, wild crafted plants have unknown levels of miroestrol in them, sometimes insignificant levels.

All in all they may have good products (they most likey buy from the same supplier that st herb does and the Blossom-s soap manufacturer does), but they certainly do not have the ONLY good products.

One thing he IS right about however...there DEFINITLY ARE capsules on the market that are made up of very very weak PM with little or no miroestrol in them. They may be cut with fillers and other not active herbals that may interfer with the PM. This is very very true...

Hope this helps.

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Re: Please give input Smile
August 23 2007, 4:42 AM

Thanks guys Smile if it works, it works. if it doesn't, it doesn't. i havent had any success with anything else though, so im not really a good candidate to guinea-pig this. but we shall see.

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Re: Please give input Smile
September 27 2007, 7:02 PM

nothing yet. you can read my personal program page here if you want to know the ups and downs of it so far.
pure pueraria mirifica side effects
March 20 2007 at 8:30 AM Bindi (no login)

A newbie here, with a few questions.
I obtained a kilo of pure 100 % spray-dried pueraria mirifica from a reputable source. I have been capping it up myself and taking two 500 mg caps per day for about one week, as well as mixing it into cream and massaging it into my breats I have noticed significant side effects and wondered if anyone else has experienced them.
The good: I have definitely noticed an increase in breast size. Perhaps it is a temporary growth. My breasts also feel tender and sore.
The bad: The negative side effects I have experienced are as follows: headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, bloating, sugar craving.
Am I taking too much? Will my body get used to the herb and adjust? Should I stop taking the oral PM?
Since I am taking a pure form that is not standardized, I am obviously experimenting on myself.Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: pure pueraria mirifica side effects
March 20 2007, 11:33 PM

i'm not sure about buying PM as powder and please take care love jelly.....

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Re: pure pueraria mirifica side effects
March 24 2007, 4:10 PM

2 capsules of 500 mg seems to be overdoing it way too much.. Most capsules just contain 200 MG times twice daily and since you are capping them yourself you cannot be sure of potency. As I understand it PM is pretty potent. If you are feeling adverse affects like yours I'd cut back.

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Re: pure pueraria mirifica side effects
March 27 2007, 8:25 PM

I wouldn't dare do what you are doing.

If you are not sure of the potency, you are taking a risk with your health. What if you get too much and end up with a bloodclot?

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* * No, no...over-dose... * *
March 27 2007, 9:01 PM

Hi, Bindi:

It's obviously you took high dose of PM which made you headache..., better stop any internal now!


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