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Tubular breasts
I decided to post here, because I've been researching - and thinking - on my own, but haven't figured out much. There's no one around me I could ask, so I thought I'd post this here because there are some experienced people, I guess, that would have something to say.
I'm not sure if my breasts are tubular, they're definitely uneven and strange, but I can't figure out if they are tubular.
There's not a doctor in my town I could go to, and even if there was it'd be hard to do it on my own and this isn't something I can tell my parents.
I thought about testing hormones, but again, you can't get that where I live even when you actually need it, let alone for your own knowledge about it. And again, maybe if I could get it, I'd have to go to a private doctor and so on, and that would take money and I guess I still couldn't do it on my own. (Southern Europe, it's hard with health care here)
So I thought about taking PM - but if I have tubular breasts, it could be due to progesterone deficiency and PM has phytoestrogenic stuff, then it won't help, right? That's what I read, I tried to research more but couldn't figure out.
I read about bovine ovary, but honestly that sounds more risky and honestly it seems like more messing with your organism than PM.
So what do you think, would PM work on tubular breasts?
And how could I really figure out if they're even tubular without a proper diagnose?
Hi Irina,
If you would post some pics that would be helpful!
I'm sure that the other members will be eager to help once they know that they have to work with.
I have to be honest, I'm not that comfortable with that. I don't want anyone to get me wrong, but I'm just too shy and paranoid for that kind of thing.
Say that they really are tubular - would PM work? If they are uneven, would it even out or become more noticeable?
you're right that tubular breasts are more of progesterone deficiency.. PM might make them bigger by upping your E but they wont change the shape or over all tubular breast syndrome if that is in fact your problem. Whatever the case may be-- it sounds like you are unhappy with the look/shape of your breast. What is your cup size?

give these a read:

1. http://mustgrowbust.com/natural-breast-e...r-breasts/
2. http://mustgrowbust.com/qa-bovine-ovary-...r-breasts/
3. http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=5610

I personally wouldn't do PM, I would wait. I would cycle PC during luteal phase and massage/fat brush. I would look into noogleberry too, because pumps also help the size and shape of the breast. I would only use BO as a last resort, honestly.

tubular breasts are more tube shaped.



good luck Smile
Thank you for your reply and especially for the links! I read one of them - that's how I learned about progesterone deficiency, but the other two will be helpful I'd say.
I did think about the pump - but there's no way I could get it now. I could get it more than a year from now or even later, and I'm kind of tired of waiting, to be honest. I've had this problem as long as my breasts started growing and I'm just tired of the frustration and stress they bring me. I've been doing research all this time and just trying to give it time but I really find it hard to keep it up lately. I just feel like I need to do something for myself, at least I'll know I tried.

I'll look more into the links you gave me.

About PC- that would be progesterone cream, right?

Have you heard about volufiline, I've read that it could help too?

Oh and also, something I thought about - I've heard of blood clotting mentioned as a risk when using PM. Some stopped using it because of that.
Would Andol (I think that Andol and Aspirin are the same thing really) be of help? I've heard of older people using it for that same reason, and women on risky birth control too, so I thought a continued use would help prevent the clotting. Has anyone here tried that?

EDIT: I forgot to answer about my cup size. Depending on my weight, A or B. But I have to get like 10 kgs heavier than now to be a B and that's again not proportionate to the rest of my body.
I'm not happy with the shape, but they're not THAT bad, I'd like them to grow and be more even. As for the shape, they're not the worst case of tubular - not extreme, if they even are. That'd be harder to change I guess.
I assume I'm allowed to link to other topics on this forum, so here

My breasts are similar to those.
The smaller one has more tissue below the nipple, and the bigger one is not as big as this poster's and it's less tube shaped (probably because it's smaller?) but in general, this is kinda what they look like, with even more of a size difference.
So I guess then that they are tuberous.

Would progesterone cream and PM in cycles make sense to correct this? Are they even combined for breast growth?

I know I'm asking a lot of questions that can be answered with research - but I've been reading so much on this that it's all starting to get mixed up, plus I prefer to check my conclusions here with someone experienced because I can easily be wrong.
I understand exactly how you feel.. I think its great you're taking charge and doing something for you!

As far as the pump, may I ask why you can't get it? I ask because if money is an issue you can buy used ones off this site (that is how I got mine :p) for much cheaper then they sell on the noogleberry store. Also, because of your cup size I feel you can even be a candidate for kangzhu-- its another pump that people on this site use.. it's used for chinese cupping therapy but works just like noogleberry. Its MUCH cheaper. I would get it myself but my breast wouldn't fit the cups.

PC is progesterone cream, yes. If you do buy one-- look for one with no phytoestrogens in it.. http://www.smokymountainnaturals.com/par...ife-cream/ is a good one Smile

I have used volufiline-- i'm not crazy about it. It's suppose to store fat in the area and it does work but it's not like a miracle cream, yano? when I used it-- my breasts looked slightly more perky and "lifted" not necessarily bigger. It's worth a shot if you want to try but for me I wouldn't buy it again-- it was, however, really good for stretch marks. I used it on any I had and they faded immensely.

They always say like, baby asprin is good for things like that but I haven't dabbled enough with PM and BC (had bad run ins with both) to say enough on the subject. Have you had a history with blood clots? If people are doing that, I am sure it's a thing-- but I can't answer for sure.

it sounds like maaaaaaaaaybe your breast could be underdeveloped but i'm not a doctor so I really can't say-- I like to keep in mind that breasts come in all different shapes and sizes-- yes there are syndromes and "deformities" but the breast you shown don't seem to be in those categories. What I can say that you seem to describe that you have asymmetrical breasts (one bigger then the other) I would look at jenniferlove's program.


she started that way too and now she is no where near it. it's a good inspiration Smile and myself too-- I lost a lot of weight and got to a 34b and my breast shape was never the same.. even to this day I am trying to gain more roundness and everything I have done has aided in growth and roundness.

but as far as to aid in your NBE.. I would definitely start massaging..

check out kat's massage guide for ways to massage your breast.

when I massage I do it for 10 mins 3x a day. It really improves roundness and growth. I would look into PC, only use it during luteal. I would get on a multi vitamin. You can even try Maca if you like, it has great amino acids in it for breast growth and health. I still would look into a pump in the future and if you do try PM make sure to cycle it during your follicular phase. If your hormones are level I would match PC with PM to keep you from becoming Progesterone dominant. So you would take PC during your luteal phase and PM during your follicular phase and nothing when you have your period. rinse and repeat.

Sorry this is so long lol Big Grin
Oh no need to apologize, I appreciate you taking the time to type a long post out for me! lol

I can't really get a pump because to order it, I'd have to have a credit card, which I can't get without a steady source of income or a huge deposit which I don't have, I'm a student.
The herbal stuff or creams I can get with a friend's mom card because it's easy to explain a cream and pills, but this doesn't seem like something they'd understand.
Plus, the only person that knows about my breast issues and plans to solve them isn't the person I live with, so I'd have to hide it, and be careful about it, and so on - just can't risk it.

However, as soon as I'm on my own in those terms, I'll get one!

As for the PC, I was looking into this one
It seemed reasonably priced for the amount you get, and the ingredients sounded OK, but then again I can't be sure because I'm not that well informed.

I'll check out the program you gave me , and I was definitely planning on massaging. I actually did look into her instructions and already decided I'll do that! Smile I thought I can just use volufiline cream and massage for the smaller breast until I get the cream and PM (cheaper delivery from iherb would take about a month or more). Then I can do both.

Oh and if I took PM only on f. phase and PC on l. phase, I'd be taking the PC more often, right? Or I'm calculating something wrong?

Thank you very much! Smile
Yeah that PC looks good, no wild yam or anything estrogen so thats good Smile

I was gonna say you can create a pay pal account or maybe someone can order it for you and you can just transfer the money via paypal but if privacy is an issue then I understand. It's best to take it slow anyway.. I have been doing NBE since 2013 and I just got a pump. I grew at least 2-3 cups without it. So you'll be fine Smile But I do recommend it in the future ^_^ The best bet is to learn your hormones, and find out what makes your body tick. For me, it was amino acids, progesterone and nutrition.

never underestimate the power of nutrition/what you eat!

as far as your cycle-- it depends on you. For me, I am not sure about my follicular phase but my menses last about 3-4 days and my luteal is about 14 days. IDK my follicular because I don't take anything E based because I am E dominant, so during my follicular I don't do anything. Thats why it's very important to know your body/hormones. Chart your cycle if you haven't already-- find out how long your cycle is. A normal cycle ranges about 28 days. Mine is about 30-32 days.

you can google how to chart my period. I use an app on my phone Smile

ovulation = luteal phase.
menses = period.
follicular = time before your period.

you're welcome ^_^

ps: Idk if you've seen this post from Lotus, but this was my holy grail starting out on NBE. All the lists of herbs and what they do for NBE. But always do research before popping pills lol Tongue
Thanks again!
I haven't seen that post - I've been researching on my own, but haven't really read about all those herbs! I'll look into some of them, thank you :-*


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