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Eye colour determination (genes)
I was looking up genetics and eye colours because I was wondering if I were to have a baby with my boyfriend what colour eyes our baby might have. (I am not having or trying to have a baby atm but I was just curious!) :p

He has green eyes, with yellow in the middle. I have Hazel eyes that can lean towards green or yellow in the sun / surrounding colour.

I found these articles really interesting:


Quote:The pigment responsible for eye color is called melanin, which also affects skin color.

So I am getting that the more melanin you have, the darker you are. My boyfriend is a very light tanned puerto rican but tans dark in the sun and I am mixed with Italian, Japanese, German and Greek. I am light skinned but I can tan well, too (no burning). Most Asians have dark coloured eyes but tend to be pretty pale skinned. So how does Melanin work for them?


Quote:Hazel and green eye color can both result from a weaker “brown” contribution.

So since I don't have brown eyes they wouldn't dominate the green. Hazel and Green are kind of in the same boat. (is at least what I am getting at)

Quote:I have hazel eyes, my husband has dark brown eyes and our daughter has blue. Recessive genes.

Another quote from that page-- Also have to take into account recessive genes. My boyfriends mom has brown, his dad has green. My mom had hazel and my dad had blue.

It would seem that a lot of light colours are over powering that one brown colour from his moms side (maybe our baby would even have blue because of my recessive light blue colour gene [?])--

BUT if brown over powers green, then why did my boyfriend get green eyes from his dad? was it because his mom might have had a recessive light colour in her genes?

Anyway-- these are a lot of Qs, I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about how these genes work, I would love to pick at this subject Smile


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