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BO and raw female
I have been reading these threads for a while and researching NBE. I came across this forum accidentally when I discovered (saliva testing) that I had low progesterone over a year ago.

About me:

One child- breast fed
Age 39
Measurements 29.5 under bust, 33 bust, 26.5 waist, 37.5 hips

Bra size is about 34a ish but I usually wear sports bras with extra

Have been experimenting with herbs for over a year and recently started a program based on what I have read here and other research:

Morning upon waking (naturopath told me that this is the best time to take supplements because pituitary gland is most active)
Raw female
Stress b vitamins

Just got BO and pituitary in the mail so will slowly add that. Also not sure of exact dosages....
I was intimidated by glandulars until I realized that my naturopath had put me on one (cortrex)

I just started this last week after a break. I lost weight after I stopped taking fenugreek.
Forgot to state my goals and weight!

I desire to stay the same weight (125-130) and love my body but have more fullness in my breasts. I have struggled with body image issues my whole life and don't want to feed more insecurity

I work out regularly and eat lots of protein

The photo is my right breast... The bigger one !

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Some observations I have made in the last week with my body....

Raw female has Damiana in it and I've noticed an increase in my sex drive which is already really high. Orgasms are different though.

When I stopped the herbs ( red clover, fenugreek) I felt stronger and lost about 5 lbs.

I have sore breasts and more fullness like right before my period...

Took some major courage for me to post photos of my breasts. Please give me some love !
A little love your way for being courageous!
What dosages are you taking for everything?
I just started BO this am, and am wondering how much is right. I know from reading the posts here that best to ramp up slowly, so I'm starting out with one BO in am and one in pm. Also taking Maca and Vitex, along with a saw palmeto.
Thank you so much for responding!
I'm pretty much doing the program exactly from here http://mustgrowbust.com/wp-content/uploa...-GUIDE.pdf

Except I haven't added collagen yet....
I forgot to ask.... Why are you taking vitex and saw palmetto?
I have read lots about saw palmetto and not exactly sure what it does. I have some and got bloated when I took it so just stopped.
I was on vitex for 9 months and stopped recently to switch to the BO program
Here is my exact program for now....

Last week I started taking raw female twice daily...

This week
Msm 1000mg
L-tyrosine 500 mg
Raw female 1 pill
Pituitary 80 mg
Raw ovarian 250 mg
Maca 750 mg x 2
Digestive enzyme

Raw female 1 pill
Raw ovarian 250 mg
Raw pituitary 80 mg
Digestive enzyme
Stress b complex
Damiana 800 mg

I also will use progesterone cream during my luteal phase
I'm a genetic male, so I'm taking the Saw Palmetto as an anti-androgen , and the Maca helps as it is an adaptogen (?). Both are mentioned in the article you referenced.
Great article by the way- at times it seems there is almost too much information on this site, and at times it is difficult to digest. The article you referenced is very straight forward and clear- but again may not work for everyone.
Happy Growing!
Thanks Jessica! How is your program going? I've been feeling fullness and tingling.
I also ordered Volufiline so will see how that goes when I get it.
Hi. Before I started Herbs like BO and PM I massaged, vacuum pumped/cupped and read up on the plans for 6 months. I agree on ramping up herbs plus cycling off herbs monthly to increase budding. No one is sure what will work on day one so trying different glands as supplements at once, in my opinion, is tricky. Maybe one glandular supplement at a time to gauge success. But everyone has a different body and different needs.


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