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Prolactin help
I got my hormones checked for the first time (i also have an implanon implant)
and the results were a bit off.

The doctor said all my hormone levels were quite low but my prolactin was 10x the normal value. We still have to figure out why, but i have some questions.

Does it make my breasts bigger / smaller? and when they reduce the prolactin somehow, will my breasts change?

Due to the high prolactin i sometimes have some fluid coming out of my nipples but only when i press my breasts.

I'd like to know more about this subject.
Prolactin is a breastfeeding hormone, that's why there is fluid coming out of your nipples.

It should make your breasts larger, but its effects stop working, because your body gets insensitive to prolactin's effects. Once it stops working, increasing prolactin won't help. If you're not getting NBE effects, then it already stopped working.

"and when they reduce the prolactin somehow, will my breasts change?"

Perhaps they'll stay the same or slowly shrink over time, but depending on other hormones your breast size can change in either direction. Without NBE, not by much.
So you're saying if i have too much prolactin my breasts will not grow anymore through NBE?
They will become insensitive to prolactin. They will stop growing to prolactin, until they are sensitized again. As the level of prolactin stays the same, the level of that they are sensitive stays the same. In other words, it plateaus, with each maximum level of prolactin.

Increasing any level of hormone too much, is a bad thing, because that is an increased risk of cancer, and it makes it difficult for cancer therapies to target those cells which have been desensitized to that hormone.
Ah i see~ so i should still be able to get growth through massage etc?
Perhaps limited growth, but at the same time plateauing more and more.
And when they lower my prolactin do you think i can achieve more growth through NBE than now?
Yes, but it will require the right combination.
Prolactin is the main hormone that stimulates mammary tissues to produce milk. Oddly enough, this hormone’s production is not limited to pregnancy; it can also be found during the first few days of the female menstrual cycle.

Like estrogen and progesterone, the presence of prolactin within the female body affects the size of her breasts. Although only slight, it will cause the breasts to expand for a few days. During the early part of pregnancy, it is mainly estrogen and progesterone that are responsible for engorging the breasts; after the child is born prolactin kicks in and maintains the increased breast size by filling the mammary glands with milk.


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