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Premature grey hair
I'm 23 and I have a few grey hairs. My mom started getting grey hair when she was in her mid 40s and so did my dad so pretty sure this isn't genetic.
I started applying onion juice, only done it twice, the smell is so horrible and it stays even after I wash it, will try to stay strong and keep going.
Also ordered FO TI and will take it twice a day. I read these remedies also help in hair regrow th so I will update on that too.
Anyone tried any of these methods or other ones for grey hair?
(23-09-2016, 10:17 AM)AquaA Wrote: ..Anyone tried any of these methods or other ones for grey hair?

short answer no ...but you reminded me of an article i bookmarked long ago. it's kinda long-winded. well, not kinda, it's pretty damned long-winded. anyway, i just remember this older gentleman talking about his grey hair and how he got all his color back. it's a lot about wheatgrass ..actually, it's all about wheatgrass and if you're reading, at some point you're probably gonna wanna tell him to shut the hell up ...fwiw, i just thought i'd pass it along. actually, it is quite interesting.
supposedly, PM has the power to reverse gray hairs.


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