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Farewell, for now.
To all my friends on Breast Nexus

I would like to say thank you, for all your advice, input and other heartfelt emotions and well wishes. I have felt like this site has become family.

However, I see now that there is another "sister" site , breastnexum, specifically dedicated for girls like me. so this will likely be my last active post in this site. Any information I have accumulated, or further research regarding any new developments or new NBE discoveries will be posted over there, so as not to clog both sites.

I will, however, check in on this site from time to time to see any new information or discoveries made on this side of the forums.

I wish all of you warm and well wishes for your quest for bigger bussoms!

your body is like Lego's, with the right building blocks and imagination you can build anything!


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