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Hi everyone
Hi everyone Smile

This looks like a lovely community with lots of knowledge. I hope I can participate and learn from you!

I'm 20s f and I've been reading about NBE since January. I tried kind of a program for one month in March where I massaged with flaxseed and olive oil for about an hour divided throughout the day. I took fenugreek capsules for the duration of that month. The only difference I saw was that my skin where I massaged was starting to get pigmentation so I quit. I thought I was using a lot of oil, and massaging didn't feel too hard but perhaps it was? I pigment easily.

My family are relatively big-breasted, have had reductions etc, but many of them are also a bit bigger than me. I'm thin with most of my shape made up by bones. I think I'm 34B but I feel more comfortable and supported by 32C (32B is too small). I'm 33 bust, 29 underbust, 26 waist, 37 hips. My breasts are also somewhat uneven, and I want to address that. My skin gets very dry underneath the breasts when they get bigger and I oil them twice a day.

I already eat a lot of vegetables and healthy fats. I'm trying to eat more regularly and more protein. I take vitamin D because my levels are in the low optimal range. I have low iron storages so I'm adding that sometimes. And I'm trying to get to sleep earlier and better, but I easily awake from room mates. (Edit: And my cortisol levels are *high* - I'm working on destressing)

I thought I would use PM during FP and Vitex during LP, but I live in a country where it doesn't seem I can get PM. I tried to buy it from Purafem but it was sent back. I bought Vitex and started using it in the middle of luteal. I want to use collagen and maybe hyaluronic acid. And I could not find anywhere to buy pig placenta. I also listen to hypnosis and subliminals.

Am I in the right direction? I have a lot to learn and would be grateful for suggestions and comments <3 like what should I do about PM? Anyone else have experience with pigmentation? What should I look for when buying collagen? Should I even continue hyaluronic acid?

Have a nice day! Big Grin


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