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(๑´ڡ`๑) Gluteboost (voluplus and volufiline) + Natureday Program
(18-05-2017, 06:38 AM)EllaC Wrote:
(17-05-2017, 11:55 AM)Laurel12345 Wrote:
(17-05-2017, 12:41 AM)EllaC Wrote:
(16-05-2017, 11:08 AM)Laurel12345 Wrote: Im on my Day 18 , luteal phase and im having mild virginal bleeding  Dodgy!  i think its a sign of E dominant? 
im taking vitex fenugreek and wild yam. So i guess E dominant is from the fenugreek?

i think im cutting feungreek out of my program! absolutely dont want my period to be delayed.

I'd be taking out wild yam too

thanks ella, but my bleeding has gone and i decided to follow the program and see what will happen. But why would you take out wild yam? i thought it helps with the progesterone level ?

is the wild yam in a cream form or pills/extract? only the cream might act as progesterone not the pills or extracts. you will always see wild yam contraindicated in estrogen sensitive conditions.

ACTUALLY i see you were taking PM right? Are you still taking it? If so id say theres your culprit... The Pm boards are full of girls saying pm caused breakthrough bleeding. My guess the reason is too much estrogen or MORE to the point too much pm!.. We are only meant to have a small amount of pm per kg of bodyweight

thanks , im taking WY in pill form, i will try to buy the cream form! 
yes i wanna try PM again. I did overdose PM yrs ago. but i think lower my dosage this time. (i was taking 1000mg daily a yr ago and resulted in delayed period  ... crazy lol)
a quick update, my period delayed for 1 week, yesterday i just got my period. And i decided to lower the PM dosage to 200mg per day. I wonder if i should take 200mg per day or increase the PM dosage during the follicular phase
hi laurel. i must say your breasts have a very pleasing shape. i see what you mean about one being a bit smaller. i agree with zara to pay most attention to the smaller with massage and kangzhu.

i read where you were dropping fenugreek. that’s one of the herbs i take and i’m positive that it's what makes my nipples super senstive to the touch ..almost sore. i don’t know how it affects estrogen levels but it is a galactagogue and is supposed to increase prolactin. 

you never did mention your height and weight ..i bring it up because you said you need to gain weight. your sister with the bigger boobs may have a lower basal metabolism and you a higher which would make it easier for her to gain weight …or maybe, since you mentioned proteolytic enzymes, you may benefit from a good probiotic. i have a high basal metabolism so, it’s hard to gain weight and if i just eat more then it goes to some places i don’t want it to go but, if i exercise regularly and eat more, too, and massage and noogle some, then it seems that fat distributes better ..like to breasts ..i don’t know why it is. our bodies are beautiful and mysterious. 

honestly, the smaller breast isn’t that far behind and damn girl, they have such a beautiful shape. keep massaging the smaller and use kangzhu on the smaller ..not so much negative pressure as before when you got the dots and stretch marks   ..it will catch up. as far as scoliosis, have spinal adjustments while still young for whatever normalizing it can bring but then, you’ve probably educated yourself well concerning those matters. 

someone mentioned flax seeds. that's what i've been taking in the morning and i think it's made a bit of good difference. i grind some up fine every AM with some chia seeds and i mix other stuff with it ..collagen hydrolysate, msm, nutritional yeast, creatine, fenugreek, vitC, glutamine, lysine, vitD, concentrace, fo-ti, astralagus, coconut oil, molasses, grape seed extract, kelp, etc. i don't how much goes to my boobs but i think some does. i throw in other stuff from time to time, like sheep placenta. i think the whole point with me is just to see if anything sticks. if it sounds like a lot, it really isn't ..it's just small amounts of those items. fresh fruits are really good for their enzymes, too. good luck. oh, i use a tiny bit of pro-gest in luteal.  Tongue oh, damn, i almost forget, i recently got some aguaje and add a little of that, too. oh, and i may be crazy.


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