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How to check your hormone levels???
For those living in the UK, how did you get your hormone levels checked?

I believe I may have high testosterone levels as I do have some facial hair ( very small amount), very oily skin and small boobs (tuberous breasts).

I've been to the doctor before for a blood test- even though i told her i think I may have a hormonal imbalance they only looked at my thyroid levels and to see whether I was anaemic. 

Is there another blood test I could have to check my testosterone levels? Or is it a different test altogether like the doctor doing a saliva test to check my testosterone? Was I wrong in saying to the doctor that I think I had a hormonal imbalance and should I have been more specific and said could you check my testosterone?

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Testosterone can be measured through your GP.  If you tell them you would like to check your "free testosterone" levels, your GP should book you in for a blood test with a nurse.  Tell them you are concerned you may have elevated testosterone levels.


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