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I'm almost 27. Is it too late for me to start?
(21-12-2016, 04:57 AM)PrettyPunky Wrote: I'm 36, started 6 months ago and have grown 1 cup size! And, I intend to keep growing! It has nothing to do with age, we all have the same hormones and cellular structures so we can find what works for us and tweak it to create growth. Just know that it is a process that you have to commit to.

Wow, congratulations PrettyPunky! I'm happy that you've been so successful! I look forward to starting a program for myself very soon and plan to commit to it for at least a year to two years.. or longer if necessary.  If you don't mind me asking, what has been the most effective method/methods for you so far? Obviously I realize that everyone's body responds differently, but since we're close in age I thought it might be helpful for me down the road to know what worked in your NBE routine.
Thanks for the positive post.. and keep up the growing! Smile
Its never too late!

Younger is better, but this is a slow process and not for the faint of heart.



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