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Tubular Breasts - some Questions!
Edit: I'm also looking to do chi massage for breasts and hot packs I'm gonna try castor oil packs. I've thought about the noggle berry but I don't think it's going to help me tbh.

So I have tubular breasts. They're quite large as I'm overweight - they're currently a C/D cup.
My symptoms are the sagging cone shape and huuuuumongous areolas (they fit my whole boob)

I've had good success with Angus Vitex but only that it gives me my period. I've never took it for my boobs. When I wass on birth control i noticed my boobs looked bigger. I don't know if I'm going crazy but because I haven't took any progesterone in probably over a year my right boob is getting more puffy nipples when previously that was my decent shaped boob. Is that even possible? For it to develop into a cone shape waaay after puberty? 
But now I want breasts to be more filled out - what progesterone cream should I use?
I also have PCOS do I need to increase estrogen. I'm definitely high in testosterone but I actually have no clue where my estrogen levels are at. As I'm quite big I just assume I have a normal amount of estrogen  maybe too much as I'm low in progesterone I really don't know. I'm against taking BO as I have PCOS and Tbh BO doesn't help with the tubular shape. I don't want even bigger snoopy breasts.

What exactly should I do to help the shape? Like most people they only good when my nipples are erect.


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