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Breast massage after breast reconstruction?
Hey!! I have been diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago and I successfully fought against the cancer virus. As part of my treatment, I removed my breasts. 2 years back my doctor said the cancer is in complete remission. After undergoing chemo, I lost a huge amount of weight and my doctor asked me to come in shape. But I was totally devastated by the way everyone stares at me. So I underwent breast reconstruction surgery after a massive weight loss from a clinic in Vaughan ( cosmedical.ca/procedures/ ). It's been nearly 6 months since the surgery and I'm planning to massage my breasts during our vacation in Maldives. Is it safe to undergo breast massage after reconstruction?
hi loritta  ..my heart swelled when i read your post. i’m so sorry you and so many beautiful women have had to go through this but so happy you’re still here and strong. i’m a little bit familiar with some of the reconstruction procedures. if you haven’t already, i hope you’ll do an ‘iodine’ search here on this forum  …it appears to be so critical to our overall health and especially breast health and we absolutely do not get enough through our diets. we need kelp or lugols or iodoral or something like that. 

it would be my guess that massage is not only ok but most likely of great benefit to the local tissue's blood and lymph circulation. of course, our bodies need continuous nutrition for maintenance and repair but more than that for tissue building and fat deposition, etc. the one analogy i can think of atm is something i read years ago regarding glucosamine for those people taking it for joint health or repair. the writer was saying that we get this in our diets and the body uses it for basic need and maintenance but that the body will not use what you are taking in for repair  …and, the reason was that the body knows it has a limited quantity so it will not allocate any for repair. so, once you start supplementing with glucosamine, after a short while the body says, ok, now i know i have sufficient quantity, so, now i’m ok committing my extra glucosamine resources for repair.  ok, anyway, that’s the analogy  …take in more, protein, fats, carbs, exercise and massage and your body says, ok, now i have the resources, i’ll will commit to building new tissue, storing fat, etc. anyway, life is strange and we seem to be on some kind of learning path and sometimes it’s so hard we don’t know if we can make it but friends, family, love, they’re worth living for and pushing and fighting for and somehow, at some point, we come out on the other side. honestly, i don’t know how it’s worth it but something in the deepest part of me just knows that it is. love to you.  Rolleyes
My condolences for that. You've kept strong. Eat lots of fiber from produce, because that assists with preventing and fighting cancer to keep issues from returning.

Quote:Is it safe to undergo breast massage after reconstruction?
Isn't there a danger of wear and tear or breaking the implant? That's the only problem I can think of.
I'm so sorry to hear about this. You have been a very strong person. It's very difficult to be strong throughout the treatment. Eat healthy foods and take a good care of your health.

I don't have any idea about breast reconstruction but while researching about this I saw there is no much harm in undergoing breast massage. And also you need to massage them 2 weeks after your surgery to help increase the blood flow and reduce swelling.


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