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The Breast Growth Hormones, including IGF, HGF and how macromastia happens
Exercise is great for raising IGF and HGH but it's a temporary spike that doesn't last much longer than the exercise.  Most other things listed most likely only raise them a little, only temporarily and/or only with those with low levels.  It would be good to see studies to quantify them but it doesn't seem likely.  The most likely way to maintain enough IGF and HGH would be to get sufficient nutrition, and beyond that supplements are unlikely to raise it further.

I'd be interested if anyone wants to try out the deer velvet for NBE.  I'm at 1/4 lozenge now instead of 1/2 lozenge to maintain good benefits without any dazed feeling.  Deer velvet seems to be quite strong in spite of the seemingly low dose and would probably be way more effective for IGF-1 than the other methods listed.  Maybe it's because it's cumulative over time, whereas bodybuilders take breaks at the high dose.  Or maybe the effectiveness levels out at the high dose so <1/10th the dose is actually more than <1/10th as strong.  Maybe it's because it contains other less important growth factors besides IGF-1.  And/or maybe it's because the high dose causes incredibly strong effects so a small dose is still pretty darn good.

The thing with HGF is that it's a local hormone causing growth and, I think, repair wherever it is.  IIRC it is especially high near wounds.  It would be nice to see if there's a way to increase it in just the breasts or to increase something that then signals its release in the breasts.  While IGF-1 is good mainly for muscle growth, joint repair and estrogen related tissue growth (breasts, butt, etc.), I think HGF can cause growth in any tissue.  I could be wrong though.  As for heparin even though it increases HGF it reduces cancer risk: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4125350/ .
Right so this is one of my favorite threads on breastnexus Smile

Nice to read about that last Heparin article.

I did some thinking and searching.
Yes locally increasing HGF (Hepatocyte Growth Factor).
This is always possible through the Transpapillary pathway (nipple) after removing the keratin plug (quick swipe with at least 70% alcohol).

link: Transpapillary drug delivery to the breast

So then is the question, how to increase HGF.

Turns out there is a cream containing Heparin and DMSO called Dolobene.
Careful, other creams with this name exist without the heparin and DMSO.
(For those not knowing: DMSO is an amazing carrier into the skin).
The cream/gel is sold in Germany and Eastern Europe over the counter. You can order online from German websites, put them in google translate (for websites) if your not familiar with the German language.
Also, don't get the one with Ibuprofen, NSAID's in general inhibit NBE, the less other ingredients the better.
It costs less than €10 for a 100 ml tube.

Then there is Dihexia, which binds directly to HGF and has the ability to activate its receptor C-met.
Dihexia & HGF link

It is rather expensive, 0.5 grams goes for $60
Dihexia shopping link

I would mix it with DMSO.
500 mg of Dihexia with 30 ml of DMSO would give a nice 16.667 mg/ml solution. Be sure to do that in a glass amber container, as DMSO picks up any molecule in its surrounding. Glass is safe

Mast Cell Degranulation
You can also try to activate your mast cells locally, this releases Heparin and that activates the HGF receptor.
Mast cells are literally in every part of your body (apart from hair and nails).
This can be done by exposing your mast cells to stress. For example, temperature changes like heat.
link: Temperature induces mast cell degranulation

So I have this breast massager that can also give me heat (without massage), bought it on Aliexpres a while ago.
Or Capsaicin cream, capsaicin causes mast cell to degranulate too. And many other ways.

Lotus, this is also why I think your method of ice and cups works.
But then not because of the brown adipose cells that are formed. I came accros several articles on how white adipose tissue sort of become beige adipose tissue (not truly brown), after exposure to cold. But the proposed mechanism was that these cells had to be continuesly stimulated to maintain their beige cell type, or else they go back to being white again.
But maybe this mechanism could possibly explain your growth then.

That was all I could think of at the moment for increasing HGF.
Have a nice weekend everyone!
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Doloben and dihexia are drugs and should be approached with extreme caution before use as they may have major unknown effects.

For example a quick search found that dihexia is for nerve growth and acts on nerves rather than where you apply it.  i.e., if applied to the breasts it will still only affect your brain and so on.  While nerve growth might possibly be a good thing, you are majorly messing with your brain.  That's why the website you linked to was a nootropic selling website.  That's why its legal disclaimer says "for laboratory and research use only".  It is illegal to buy these items for personal use.  Lots of people are doing so anyway and experimenting on themselves.  They are also exposing themselves to unknown and potentially serious long term risks on what is basically an untested drug.

Likewise I don't mean for people to actually try out heparin either, because of who-knows-what side effects.  Even for cancer it reduced the risk I think due to reduced metastasis and so might only reduce the risk during cancer treatment.  Long term it may still increase the risk.

While looking for information on HGF its effects seems to be too localized. It goes straight to the nerves or follicles when you try to apply it on top.  Nobody seems to be using it for any kind of body growth legally or illegally.  Unlike IGF-1 which has some popular medical and athletic growth use.

I think low dose IGF-1 is still the thing to look into.  By which I mean deer velvet extract.  See previous posts for more info and good sources (95% are terrible).  If you were going to mess around with unsafe drugs then that would be higher dose IGF-1.  Still not a good idea long term, but not that bad short term.

I have found multiple women using IGF-1 for athletic reasons but they all had near 0% body fat and no breasts to grow.  Though I did find brief posting on just 1 who grew incredibly fast.  And those using deer velvet for NBE used something so dilute that it had almost no IGF-1 in it.  I think a *good* deer velvet extract is something new for NBE that hasn't had much posted on it but could make a big difference.


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