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Before pic and a three days of noogling result..
(12-01-2017, 01:51 AM)boardelle Wrote: Hey! Smile
your progress looks amazing! i've just started noogling and don't seem to be getting such good resultsSad
could you please tell me your noogle routine? i saw that you pump and hold but could you tell me for how long you hold for and how long you noogle all together usually? I too am only pumping one breast atm as it is the smaller one! i just want it to catch up!
thanks so much ! xx

Hi Boardelle certainly, 

Well i started on 7th dec 2016 noogling both breasts everyday. By third week the swelling was so much that i went up to a B cup bra from and A. I started off noggling for 30 mins a day for my breasts to get used to the pulling and now i do from 1-2 hours on each breast. I do one at a time as i think more breast is pumped that way and it seems to be evident in the swelling i get.

I take fennel seeds (handful) everyday and i have upped my protein by consuming chicken, lentils and eggs regularly(not all on the same day necessarily!).

Thats all. I dont massage nor do i take supplements. I try get collagen from foods but i still need to be consistent with that. My breasts when they are not swollen fit into medium domes but now because i do get alot of swelling (about an inch) i am going to order large cups. Last night even my smaller boob was touching the side of the domes and i dont want to hinder growth for that reason. My small breast still does have catching up to do but last night the swelling on my smaller boob had been the most it has ever been eliminating any difference in size. Woke up this morning and swelling was slightly down again and the size difference obvious again.
I think thats all the update i can give you for now chucks! 

Its hard work and dedication. I pump before bed time and sometimes i fall asleep while its on 'hold'. Thats why it can be upto two hours. Sometimes cup stays and other time it falls off. I make sure i dont sleep though before an hour of pumping is done as it assures me ive given my boob their daily dose.Anything more is a bonus!



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