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Feedback about my program would be appreciated!
I've been continuing my researching for the past several months to put together an NBE program for myself which I plan to start implementing soon. I wanted to run it by some of you to see if it sounds like a solid starting point.
A little background first..
I'm 31 and petite 5'2" about 112 lbs.  I am a solid 34B-32C bra size (my braless measurements are 34.5" overbust, 29.5" underbust).   I just had my hormones tested recently and my estrogen levels were at a normal level but my progesterone was a bit low, creating what looks like an imbalance between the two.   My DHEAs and Testosterone were above normal. I have always had acne-type skin ever since puberty and that hasn't changed much over the years so the androgen excess explains that. My diet is VERY clean in my opinion. I have been forced to really get disciplined about it over the past several yeas due to auto-immune tendencies which I am still working on.  I eat a tons of veggies, small amounts of beans/seeds/nuts, organic meats, coconut oil, avocado oil, and mainly low glycemic fruits. I only use stevia as a sweetener, no sugar. I'm also gluten and dairy free.
That said, my NBE program is shaping up to look something like..

*2 tbsp. Collagen hydrolysate + 1 cup bone broth daily (been doing this for several months already)
*(1 or possibly 2?) capsules of White Peony root daily (for androgens)
The one I'm thinking of trying says, "White peony extract (root) [providing 252 mg paeoniflorin per capsule] I would love to take this in a liquid extract instead of caps because liquid absorbs more easily, but haven't been able to find one. Sad
*Chi massages daily
*20mg of Progesterone cream 1x day only during luteal phase

I'm also looking at the possibility of MSM and a mild breast tissue stimulating herb (like fennel) only during follicular.

I hear that HGH is important for breast growth too but don't know if there is a way to find out what my current level is on that?? Or maybe that's a stupid question...   I know high intensity interval training is something that boosts HGH, but I wouldn't want to do that too much if it wasn't necessary because it can cause adrenal stress if I'm not careful. I focus mainly on daily aerobic walks, yoga, stretching, etc. I used to be a pretty heavy exerciser in the past and feel better now that I have toned it down a bit in recent years.

So, does this program sound like a good one or is it too simplistic or under-done?? I want to get results but I also don't want to throw my body for a complete loop in the process.
Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Smile


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