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Question about back pain during female deer massage & oil
Hello! I am pretty new here, so I will be thankful for your guidance! Big Grin
I have a few questions:

1. As I am doing the female deer massage my back starts to hurt (at the shoulder blades?) at about number 70~massages. So I always get only to 100 massages. Is it just because I am a bit out of shape (not a very sporty person >_<) ? Did you also encounter such a problem when you were starting out?
Will my back just get used to it after doing that for a while? Should I just increase the number as time passes? (ex. if I do 100 one week, then 110 next week etc.)

2. Normally I massage in the evening using almond oil. I would like to start massaging in the mornings too, however, I only take a shower in the evening and then massage with the oil and go to sleep so by the morning my skin just soaks up all the oil. If I massage in the morning with oil I am afraid it will get really... oily XD and get all over my clothes (it also seems wasteful for me to wash it up in the morning after I am done?). Can you massage without using oil too? Is it not bad for the breasts? (I am pretty gentle)


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