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When I buy a sports bra for "snoogling", what size should I buy?
As soon as my airlock system gets here, I am going to try sleeping with my domes on in a similar way to Brava. I know that Brava is used with a tight sports bra to help keep the domes in place. 

I am just very unsure of what size sports bra to buy?? Do I buy the size I am now or do I need to buy bigger than what I am since the domes will take up a lot of room? I am a 30A to a 32A and use the small domes. 

Of course I am going to try  using a tight crop top or Tshirt at first, trying it in the back to make it even tighter. But in case this doesn't work, I am not sure what size I should even get in a sports bra.  Any suggestions?
Personally I would take an old bra... Not a push-up....   And cut the cups out and stick the domes through the holes.      That way it will keep the domes pressed up against your chest


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