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One month update
I wore a 32 A bra before noogling which was not filled at all. Maybe an AA would have been appropriate for me then. 

its been a month of noogling for me and i deliberately didnt noogle for 24 hours so that the swelling goes down completely. Now my 32A bras irritate me. I havent grown outwards but my breasts have become rounder and i am now fitting into 32B. Its not a snug fit and there is yet for some cleavage to be seen but its a comfortable fit. Im hoping in the next month that i become a full b cup.

Good luck guys and happy growing!
Wow! That is amazing! <3 keep it up! Can't wait to hear your results the next few months!

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(In EU sizes)
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70F (Dec '16)
70E (March '17)  I stopped my program for fun, and see what happened

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Irrational Goal: 70J

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Congratulations!!!  That's awesome!!
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