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One month update
I wore a 32 A bra before noogling which was not filled at all. Maybe an AA would have been appropriate for me then. 

its been a month of noogling for me and i deliberately didnt noogle for 24 hours so that the swelling goes down completely. Now my 32A bras irritate me. I havent grown outwards but my breasts have become rounder and i am now fitting into 32B. Its not a snug fit and there is yet for some cleavage to be seen but its a comfortable fit. Im hoping in the next month that i become a full b cup.

Good luck guys and happy growing!
Wow! That is amazing! <3 keep it up! Can't wait to hear your results the next few months!

(In EU sizes)
70B (Sep '16) 62 kilo (136 lbs)
70C (Oct '16)
70D (Oct '16)
70E (Nov '16)
70F (Dec '16) 56 kilo (123 lbs)

70E (March '17) 53 kilo. I stopped my program for fun, and see what happened

Currently: 70E
Rational Goal: 70H
Irrational Goal: 70J

My program: On my profile page
Congratulations!!!  That's awesome!!
I reject your reality and substitute my own!
Start: Under Bust 36.. Bust 38
Current: Under Bust 35.. Bust 40
Goal: Under Bust 34.. Bust 44
Current Bra 36C


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