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My program
Hello! Long time reader, first time poster. I wanted to share my personal program that is working for me very well so far. In September I started with fenugreek liberally. Tons of it. I added SP and RC. Then maca. Maca made my butt awesome. My PM came I never the mail. By December finally figured out what works for me. 

Noon- vitex, 80 mg. maca, 500 mg (sometimes I take two). PM, 500 or 150 mg, depending on which brand I have in stock. SP 450 mg. 

I repeat this minus the vitex before bed. If I'm up super early, I take a maca, a 150 mg of PM, and an SP in the early morning. 

I've grown an inch in the last two months but i am more into the shape that I'm getting. I found things really started happening when I began the vitex two months ago. 

I have two questions: does anyone tight lace while doing nbe? I used to be an avid tightlacer and waist trainer but I have stopped because I wasn't all the circulation. 

Did anyone else find that they get sick when they take a week off from their program and get back into it? I got sick when I first began, and over the holidays I took a break (lots of booze and fatty food, just assumed taking my supplement so wpuld be wasting them). I got sick upon resuming. 

Oh wait, three questions. One brand I use is that Hida beauty brand from amazon. It works but I feel like 500 mg is too much and sometimes it gives me headaches. 

Thanks, ladies!!!!! You're all awesome.
UPDATE: did not grow in the last month of using that program. The Hida beauty brand of PM is way too strong for me, 500 mg. I prefer natures answer. I felt growth when I switched to lower doses of PM days 1-14, then in luteal of the last cycle and then only took vitex, MSM, and milk thistle and felt like I grew more after stopping PM. 

   Next cycle begins on Wednesday. I am trying BO for the first time. I plan to take 8g of MSM spread through the day, 900 mg of saw palmetto, one kelp, biotin, and four swansons raw glandular throughout the day. I will try this for three cycles. Will be updating frequently.


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