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Progesterone, Thyroid, NBE. Advice?
So I've been on cerazette/Cerelle since I was 18 (now 24). My reason for taking it was because I was bleeding for 4 months + at a time (longest 6 months). I stopped bleeding completely on the pill.

In the last 2 years I've been diagnosed with depression and an anxiety disorder (anxiety was there way before the pill though), and things were just getting worse. I started spotting/having periods recently (every other week, although admittedly I missed a pill here and there), having serious headaches, feeling generally weak (to the point of collapsing), tremors, muscle aches etc. 

After a few doctors visits they found I was borderline Hyperthyroidism with a dangerously high blood pressure. At the time I was taking maca, veg capsules and some other multivitamins which can apparently all effect your thyroid (maca is apparently bad for those with hyper). I also suffer with insomnia.

In the last 3 weeks I have completely stopped my pill just because I wanted to see if it would make a difference. I can feel I have high blood pressure still. But I feel so much better in myself. I seem to be able to just sleep at night. My partner said I seem much happier in general, its even been noticed by people at work who dont know my health issues. I have an increased sex drive and a less foggy mind.

What I'm worried about, is the increased risk of cancer from the lack of progesterone. I havnt had my hormones tested yet but the quizes ive taken online all say estrogen dominant. But that just doesnt make any sense to me. If you were me, would you start taking a progesterone cream/supplement? 

I wanted to start BO but have no idea how this will effect my thyroid in the long run.


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