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My BO journey
(26-02-2018, 10:10 AM)Miss Mad Scientist Wrote:
(27-01-2018, 08:17 AM)himandher Wrote:
(16-01-2018, 10:35 AM)MissEllen Wrote: Seriously debating if I want to continue NBE. I feel pretty happy with this. What do you guys think? 
Maybe I should go up one more cupsize, and then stop everything? Thinking if I stop I might decrease one cupsize, which means I end up with what I have right now.

Or I can stop now and see what happens?

I don’t know what to do :/

I’m clearly biased because it’s not my body, but as an interested bystander I’d love to see if you could at least hit your irrational J cup goal. Doesn’t seem so irrational now Tongue

Anything more than that would be beyond impressive, seems like you’re the only qualified person to ever try this!

Haha I know right, not so irrational anymore! I decided to stop :Smile
They are quite heavy, but not too heavy. I still fit my clothes, so I don't have to buy new ones. 
They are still slightly growing since I stopped, so maybe I'll go up half a cup or so.
But I will start a new thread soon, and help others the best way I can, so someone else can become a J cup for me if they wish

Ellen! Im doing your program with no results so far im feeling desesperate :Sad my boobs are super asymetrical and i feel lost! can you PM me please
(26-02-2018, 10:08 AM)Miss Mad Scientist Wrote:
(26-02-2018, 03:33 AM)noobie Wrote:
(15-01-2018, 06:48 PM)Miss Mad Scientist Wrote: During my rest week once a month I stop BCP and BO, and start taking Maca powder

when I reach 1500 mg of BO I'm trying your routine and what I mostly like about it is the rest week (and your amazing result)Wink I wanna do maca for my butt growth. did you notice any change? and about the dosage did you start from 3 gram and upgrade to 5 or what exactly?

Noobie!! thank you for your sweet messages :Smile they made me smile!
I am going to try and reply all of your questions here.
The swanson pills are 250 mg each, and I took 6 of them, so 1500 mg in total a day.

And nooo I will not abandon anyone here. Will make a new thread soon about a new theory I have, seriously the best one so far.
I have now stopped all the pills, I do believe I am still growing a bit, so I expect to go up maybe one more size (probably half a cup). I was kind of thinking I might, that is why I stopped. figured if I went down I can always start it again. But this was the right decision.

Do you have any questions about my last program (page 3 I believe?)

p.s. your avatar are my boobs now lol Tongue 
I started out with an B cup left and an A cup right. Anything is possible!

Hey welcome back!!!
my question was about maca powder I'm curious because i want to try it to also grow my buttocks and I'm asking how much grams did you take and did you notice any difference down there  Tongue
and ah yes your last program...i know everyone is different but when you described your results i was so thrilled! that's everything i want from nbe and the fact that you made it achievable is AMAZING thank you for being an inspiration and giving me so many hopes and hopefully boobies Wink
I wonder if the program will still be effective with my changes  Dodgy

 - Bovine Ovary Swanson 1500 mg a day, taken at once before sleep (I'm currently taking 750mg i will upgrade soon)

- Ibutamoren (!!!!) (also known as MK-677) 25 mg a day (IGF-1) (this one I'm most excited about because i do lift some weights!) 
- HMB  2 grams total a day (divided in taking it 3 times a day every 8 hours) ( correct me if I'm wrong but this one only drink it when I'm on my period?)
-  (Tagamet) 1600 mg a day, take it divided over 4 times a day 400 mg each (x I'm going to pass on this one and find another anti-testosterone. for the moment ill try spearmint tea) 

- Drospironolon + Ethinylestradiol (Yasmin) transbuccal once a day for 3 weeks, and one rest week. (x pass Sad )
- maca powder (waiting for your reply Big Grin )

- creatine (hopefully it helps for bo) https://www.iherb.com/pr/California-Gold...54-g/71026

and here's the HMB: https://www.iherb.com/pr/California-Gold...54-g/71026
but I'm not sure if 1/4 level teaspoon 2 to 3 times a day equals 2 grams a day
i didn't know that you don't suppose to be taking bo on your period but eh i guess better late than never Blush  
so is your rest week your period week? sorry for bothering with my questions
thank you so much again
(15-05-2017, 06:06 AM)Miss Mad Scientist Wrote: Hi loves!

I noticed not a lot of people are on the BO, so I thought to start a thread where I can share my experiences.

No idea how this will work out though.
But for at least the next 6 months I am going on BO only. (Besides noogling and home made fat enhancing cream)

I am starting out with a 70 E cup (93 cm bust, 69 cm underbust)

I will take:
- 500 mg raw pituitary glandular by Swanson (250 mg in morning and 250 mg before sleep)
- 80 mg pituitary glandular by Swanson before sleep
- home made BO nipple cream twice a day

Ok so, day before yesterday I started BO in the afternoon, and yesterday night and last night: growing pains!
Forgot what that was like, it is like going back to puberty.
And I have really had some growth. I can't find my measuring tape unforturnately, but I would say def. 1 cm of gain.
I can feel the actual breast tissue being sore on the inside.

Oh and the pain, I could hardly sleep! Is this normal? Did anyone else have growing pains too?

Almost forgot, I also made my own BO nipple cream hehe

Got 30 ml of Aloe Vera (from aliexpress in cute little alluminium boxes for €1.28 incl shipping) and added 4 ovarian glandular capsules to it. Then stirred a bit.
I put it on my nipples, let it dry for 10 mins, and add a nipple cover (I got them from noogleberry website, they are useless for noogling, but great for this purpose, I believe they where around €5)

The reason I add this to my nipples is because nipple uptake (transdermal) goes far inside the breast. (Ref 1)
Also when I looked at the tests, it is natural estrogen, just like in BO. 

Besides that, breasts have stem cells that can be activated by natural progesteron, BO capsules have this too. "Progesterone also induces the mammary stem cell expansion, likely through a paracrine effect" 
 (Ref 2)

And Aloe vera because it has great carrier potential and mixes well.

Ref 1: Nipple uptake Transdermal

Ref 2: Breast development

What do you think? Is it high enough?
I am naturally very warm person, so I didn't go for the Kelp for this reason.

xxx ellen

What does the B.O. Nipple cream do question marks? I would like to start taking bovine ovarian but I don't want my nipples to increase in size. Does bovine Ovarian effect nipple size?
Ellen!  Tongue 

I guess you will be back some day soon lol hahaha there are few questions I'd love to ask you (but not through here cause I think some of them are very personal so heck, you will have to let me know how on earth I can contact you!) but right now I do have a great question in mind for ya :

I remember last year (summer I think) you were gonna try deer antler through nipple intake so , what happened with that experiment ? Did you notice anything? Do you think IGF-1 intake would be a big step to add into BO program?? 

PS: GIRL I miss you bunches! and our crazy long talks!! Let me know what's up in your life soon!! <3
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