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My Starting Routine on BO
(29-08-2017, 11:52 PM)MissEllen Wrote: I am actually a scientist in real life Wink

Didnt want to spam your thread~ but would like to know what you think about this~ 

I am having problems with MSM. My period came 1 day late (which is fine) but was significantly lighter. I was concerned and did some research on MSM and found that many women on another forum for hair growth noticed lighter and lighter periods while on MSM. Some even ended up stopping their periods  Huh
Its interesting that some of them experienced growth in breasts even though they were taking MSM for hair and joints?.. 
This perplexes me as I remember not experiencing tingles and aches when I switched over to collagen instead of MSM.
Could it be that its actually MSM instead of BO that is making me grow??
I wouldnt want it stopping my period though. 
I am so confused! 

Thanks for reading <3

Hey momo, do you have any updates? I'm going to start BO today☺️
(30-09-2017, 03:32 PM)Kiyosanne Wrote: Hey momo, do you have any updates? I'm going to start BO today☺️

Hello! Sorry for the super late reply~ I have literally been drowning in work. Havent had much time to think about boobies tbh. The aches have stopped for abit now, and I dont notice any real growth ): but it might be because I havent been able to sleep the full 8-9 hours my body usually needs. Plus the stress Sad
I will be freer in Nov(: update more then kay?
Good luck on your BO journey! how has it been so far?

I am back! kinda<: 
I havent been on the bandwagon for the past 2 months): I have only been able to consistently take the BO tincture. Been skipping the protein, MSM and fish oil. I noticed that I no longer get tingles and aches  Dodgy and no growth..
T_T will try to get back on a proper routine. 
My exams will soon! 
Will be updating alot more then

(29-08-2017, 04:17 PM)MomoG Wrote:
(27-08-2017, 07:57 PM)ZaraAri Wrote:
(27-08-2017, 06:35 PM)MomoG Wrote: Hello! Yes I do have measurements! I hope so too! But my measurements havent changed as I have been seeing more side ways growth/swelling than stacked growth. haha, does that make sense?
I really hope so too! I have a feeling that this is what will work for me<: Are you on BO too?

Hey MomoG, and thanks for responding! That makes complete sense what you are saying. You should try taking your leaning bust measurements and that should help you get a better idea of how much you've grown.

I'm on a PM program, but I'm always curious about other people's success with different things.  Smile

Good luck with BO!! 


Hello! yes, thats a great idea. haha.
I tried PM before BO, it didnt work for me though!): I tried replicating chiyomilk's program and even bought the ladies 99% PM. I think I am estrogen dominant. 
I know that BO is definitely working for me though! I will keep this space as updated as I can. <: It can hopefully be a good reference point for people who want to start BO! 
Boobie dust for you too! 


What have you been doing for it to work for you?


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