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Detoxing - methods
Hi all....
How do we detox with nbe? Ive read several methods, theories, things to use! What is necessary or is it necessary?

I think detoxing makes sense but now am trying to figure how to go about it.

If your a detoxer - let us know your method, timing (when in cycle, how often you detox and length of detox), products you use and anything else that may help out. 

If you think detoxing is overated or not necessary chime in too and your thoughts behind this. 

This isnt a debate am just curious about peoples methods and thoughts so lets keep it to '..... this is what i do....blah blah' not you should or shouldn't. 

Hey Chrissy! 

I'm not sure if detoxing is absolutely necessary, but I think it can really help to prevent stalling/plateauing while doing NBE. I've read of many people taking a full month to detox after 3 to 6 months of doing herbals, but I prefer to do "mini detoxes" monthly. So what I do is on the day I start my period and for 6 days straight, I don't take any NBE pills but I just focus on doing liver cleanses to help reset and reset my body for the upcoming cycle. I take milk thistle, green juices, DIM, and a few other things. You can check out my program thread if you want to see a more detailed version of this. 

Hope this helps!! 

Doesn't make much sense to me.  Sometimes it means a break from herbs except almost all herbs for NBE are non-toxic up to 100+ times the amount used.  So maybe they mean clearing the herbal/hormonal effects out of their system and restarting, but that's something else.  So that might be helpful like what Zara said, even though it isn't really removing anything toxic.  Sometimes it means a liver cleanse, but they don't often quantify how much or what exactly is necessary for that, they often just guess.  And that should be something you do 365 days a year not at a specific time.

Anyway chiming in mostly because rice bran already has your liver detoxifying antioxidants covered in spades.  Both fat and water soluble antioxidants.  Most of the time this or that "antioxidant rich plant" only has water soluble antioxidants and often not enough of that even.  And everything else in that nutrient mix has your B1 and so on that your liver needs to function.  Really the mix covers almost all of what you need for good health.  Some spinach, parsley, cilantro, watercress and/or endive might be nice too in case I missed something that's not found in dried foods like enzymes, flavanoids or other phytonutrients.

I think a true liver detox would just be 2 tbsp. rice bran a day.  Maybe a handful of sunflower seeds or some brewer's yeast for B1 and a few other misc things your liver might want.  Or if it means taking a break and clearing the herbs out your system, I think some do and some don't.  Go read their programs to see how it went.
Id do gentle things daily to keep things moving along, circulation (exercise & movement), lympahtics (massage/mini tramp)drink lots of water etc. Lemon water upon rising to get things moving. 
Take herb breaks every few months if your on them. 

Ive recently learned the importance of Glutathione (see below). Might be the reason we are always encouraged to eat cruciferious veggies!

@Surferjoe good to hear re rice bran! Mine just turned up today, along with nutritional yeast flakes as i cant do brewers yeast ( i believe i got the idea to try those two from you).

My OPtizorb MSM turned up today too! Thats good for detox and breast growth combined with Vit C.
Found this buried 'toxin flush' by Lotus


So from what am reading so far...i guess detoxing is essential but maybe not something to fully chase in my case. I eat plants & eggs, chemical free as much as possible these days, and drink plenty of teas/water.  I probably need to include a break periodically and do a flush of sorts. And maybe include DR tea or milk thistle somewhere. Does anyone have any suggestions for those two are they something you just include and continue your day/routine or are they seperate (interfere with supps?); once day, weekly, monthly?
Because E and Proestrongen flat line at beginning of period could you use 1-3days to detox without any real effect of nbe plan?  Any thoughts?


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