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Breast reduction
How can i reduce my breast , my boobs are getting bigger day by day . I want them to look normal like a teenager girl ... is surgery a good option ?
Hello, Elina,
I'm a bit biased here, but - I'd stay away from breast reduction surgery.
Google "Botched", you should be able to find an episode or three where they do a breast reduction surgery. The scarring is really bad.

If you have extra adipose tissue, the best first choice is exercise. It will reduce breast size by reducing the fat in the breasts.

If your breasts are that much larger than is comfortable, even after the exercise; or if they're so large now that exercise is difficult; then surgery might be the only option. Maybe others here would be better equipped to help you, as my aim was to get larger.

Hi Elina,

May I ask you what your BMI is? (Body Mass Index)



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