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a little help please
first if all i am new here so hi to you all
secondly my country is currently going through inflation so buying any capsules of Pm over amazon will like cost me 1000 of my currency or even more and for a student this is an INVESTEMENT
so i need to ask some questions
1. how much time do i need to see effects
2. how many capsules should i take a day for the effects
3. For how long should i take it ( 6 months a year ?? )
4. are the results permanent
5. will it affect my period
6. can it cause cancer or something
7. which brand should i buy
8. will it make me moody
9. is it safe for 20 years old
10. should i massage or is it in itself just enough
woah that is alot of questions Blush  but i am totally lost here Huh
thanks <3 <3 <3


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