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Hey everyone!
After lurking for a long long while and talking to the members here I have decided to start my program. This is my first day and I am excited and really positive about this. All the newbies out here, all the best to you too
I won’t be using any herbs for now because I have really important exams in January and they might mess with my head xD

Twice a day -
Chi massage (300 rotations)
Female deer massage (300 rotations)
PS - I’ll be using flaxseed oil

Spearmint tea, twice a day
Healthy diet with a lots of protein and healthy fats

If you guys have any suggestions please let me knowww... thank you! 
I’ll keep adding to this thread in the future if I improvise my plan. See you all in 3 months with positive results. Love you allll!
Excited for your results, since you’ll mainly only be doing massage! 

I’m no pro at this, so not really sure what to suggest. Good luck to you!


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