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What breast size would suit a person who is 150 cms tall?
Hi Ladies and Gents Smile

Super random ques because I am a bored.

Okay, so I am 150 cms tall, small built, pear-shaped body type. Basically, I haven't grown since I was 15 lol. 

At the moment I wear a 32AA/10AA. What sort of a size would look decent on someone like that? I don't want like really huge boobs but I do want something there. Something that doesn't disappear when I put on a sports bra. Oh yeah and some cleavage would be nice too   Big Grin Sometimes I wonder if a 32D would look huge on me.

Don't take this ques so seriously. I haven't seen any big boobs lol, so I have no idea what they are actually like. It's just a fun little ques.


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