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How do I delete my posts on here??
(19-02-2018, 09:56 AM)cutiesweets Wrote: This site just isn't helpful for me. It's too dead and a lot of my posts get ignored. I noticed that people only seem to want to post in progress threads and even then, it is just them prying for information on how the person grew. 

If my account gets deleted, will all my posts be gone too? I just don't want to leave a trail of posts if I am leaving the site...

Heyy gurl :Smile

Sometimes my posts get deleted too but I still feel that there is a lot of information here, pics etc on this site. I noticed some of your posts do have a lot of views and replies, so it's not so bad  Blush 

Sometimes I don't reply but the only reason is that I am not too confident about my answer so I don't want to give the person the wrong info. We all get some of our posts ignored sometimes.

I have read about your program, posts etc. Would be cool if you stayed. But it is your decision at the end. If you decide to delete the account I still assume that your posts would still be here, we just won't be able to reach your profile but I am just guessing.


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