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B.O nipple cream experiment for 9 months!
I have a question, i know breaks are a necessary thing in growing but why on BO we take periods off? is it cause of the body temp?
+ good luck love! Big Grin
(15-06-2018, 08:39 PM)sweetorange Wrote: 2nd track.

Already with 750mg !!! I started yesterday.

I have used 500mg daily (period days exception) for 6 weeks.  My idea is to be with 750mg 5-6 weeks and then reach 1000mg.

Also, ALOE VERA is better carrier than COCONUT oil, but both work.

I think this stuff is working, I always feel soreness when I put on my nipples. Also, my nipples are more sensitive than before and the fullness around is better day by day. Plus, since I started noogling everyday (2 weeks ago), the perkiness is total.

Woo hoo. Good news  Smile


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