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$5 Herbal Cream Semi-Giveaway
I put a new herbal cream up on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/263507117736

This one is designed to be mild enough so that most can use it, though likewise weaker than what I put up a long time ago.  It is similar to the basic programs in my sig threads.  For it to work you should be at least a B cup before any NBE (others please see last paragraph).  U.S.A. shipping only, sorry to foreigners.  Since it's mild if you already have a working herbal program then there's not much point to getting the cream.  What you already have is just as good or better for you.

It's made to be quick, convenient and nice smelling.  It soaks right in and disappears.

I'm semi giving it away to 8 women to try. $5 for 2 bottles via eBay.  It's easier that way because eBay auto generates the shipping labels.  $5 instead of free just to keep girls from picking it up on a whim or when they're bad candidates.  PM me your eBay name and then click "Make Offer" for $2.50 each for 2 bottles in eBay.  Instead of "Buy It Now" at full price.  Let me know in your PM that you're (1) at least a B cup before any NBE, (2) plan on using it within the next few months since it loses potency over time, (3) don't already have a working herbal program, and (4) 18 or older.  Then I'll accept the offer.  You may also get 1 bottle now and 1 later, for example if you need a couple extra months to help keep it fresh.  Or refrigeration helps it maintain potency too.  2 bottles last 3 months, enough to fully try out the product.

I'm also interested in any feedback, and any future products people might like.  I am already thinking about a stronger breast enhancement cream "Super Nattybust", but I want to wait a bit first.  In the meantime I do have an ebay guide with a healthy food mix that helps, for those who want to take the next step before using anything strong.  It's likewise good if you're smaller than a B cup, and then you would use that guide without any herbs (and so without this cream).  I'm also considering a moisturizing lotion that improves skin.
Nice work Joe, read both your guides attached on your ebay page. I always love how well you presented your information is.
Nicely done joe.
What’s the leithcin for?
Emulsifier and component of fatty tissue and cell membranes.  Specifically from its components such as choline and inositol.  I tried to cover all of the body's needs.  As for lecithin and NBE, not sure if it's directly related, but there are 100 related nutrients.  5 minutes of searching revealed that it's important for all cell development including breast cell development, but mostly for holding on to brain cells.  The brain is fatty tissue, so essentially fatty acids are likewise important for it.  Choline also works hand in hand with folate for general cell development.

It's also important for other fat and fatty tissue. It's important for the liver, a small benefit against heart disease, digestion of fat and transfer of fat.

It probably plays a role in NBE via cell development, especially fatty cell development and fat transfer.  It's important for the synthesis of collagen because it's necessary to process the sulfur containing aminos that make up collagen.  It also reduces cellulite.

I didn't even know the exact connection to NBE before.  Mostly I knew the connection to the brain and vaguely to fatty tissue in general.  So there you go, that's why it's important to cover all the bases.  I'm sure there are likewise 50 other nutrients that are important to development.  And part of why if you only get individual ones like folate it won't work so well for what you think it's for; better to get them all so they can work together.

The best dietary source by far is egg yolks.  Meat, dairy and seeds contain smaller amounts, but together they provide most of our lecithin/choline because we eat much more of them than eggs.  But likewise it's difficult to get more from these sources without eating way more calories.  We can get 2/3 of what we need pretty easily from regular diet, but to get the last 1/3 it's hard without eggs.
A couple of items I was thinking of adding are an acne lotion and a moisturizing skin lotion.

The acne lotion works in about 3 days and starts to reduce blemishes and irritation in about 1 day.  It uses turmeric to fight the acne, plus thin non greasy oils that dissolve greasier oils.

The moisturizing skin lotion also prevents acne & blemishes (with less turmeric), moisturizes, absorbs and blends in fast without feeling greasy, smooths, and builds skin collagen/reduces wrinkles.  That last one takes about 2-4 months and is best combined with an oral collagen powder.  It works naturally.  I noticed a lot of other cosmetics that coat you with a smooth chemical agent that then degrades the skin over time and increases cancer risk.  Like waxing a car for quick results but then the chemical causes damage and washes off later.  So this lotion doesn't smooth as much as the slick chemicals but it is the same as and adds to your natural skin compounds.  It nourishes and soaks in instead of washing off.  It builds up over time.

I may list them once I get the chance.  If there's interest I may hurry it up sooner.


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