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Back at it! PM and PC
Okay, so I've been gone (but still lurking!) for quite a while now. But recently I've decided to get back into NBE full force. Currently on day 17.

So my program (my cycles are usually 30-34 days long, so I'm basing it on 30):
Follicular Phase
Day 1-6 ~ Nothing during menses, let my body do a complete reset
Day 7 ~ Nothing
Day 8-15 ~ Barlowe's Pueraria Mirifica 550mg - 1 in the morning on empty stomach
Day 16 ~ Nothing
Luteal Phase
Day 17-29 ~ Progesta-Care 20mg - 1 pump in the morning
Day 30 ~ Nothing
And of course daily massaging!

I'm basing it off of menstrual charts I've found on Google. Menses everything is low, then estrogen rises and peaks a day before ovulation and may immediately drop drastically, then progesterone rises and peaks mid-Luteal phase (estrogen peaks too, but not so extremely) and slowly tapers off until menses. Last time I took PM I took it even during menses too which is probably why I spotted sometimes and had extreme amounts of discharge.. I had extra discharge this month too, but not so much.

I'm currently also taking Magnesium Glycinate Lysinate Chelate 200mg twice a day all month long (once a day recently until I get another bottle) for anxiety, better sleep, and a bit of regularity. Been taking it since January, I think.. It's unrelated to NBE, but I thought I should mention it since when I first started it gave me breast aches, but that's probably just my body being happy for finally getting some needed nutrition. Can I just say how great it's been for my anxiety! I used to cry nearly everyday and get a suffocating pain in my chest, but not anymore! (Though I still cry every once in a while since nothing can cure being a crybaby. :'P)

I already had many booby aches while taking PM this month, and today they ached pretty much all day after taking PC. If things stagnate a few months from now I may ramp up a bit. Like, take two pumps of PC for some days after day 20, or introduce either Maca or MSM I still have left over. I had a kanzhu pump, but left it when I moved due to no space left to pack it...

Actually, I started on these again not so much for NBE purposes, but rather general health reasons. TMI, sex is rather dry and irritating, and I get UTI's far too often. I tried lube and such but they don't quite cut it. Then I remembered how much PM made me plenty wet, so yeah...
Also, I'm hoping this program will correct whatever other hormonal issues I have. I have an absolutely awful case of hirsutism (neck beard, chest hair, excessive hair on belly and inner thighs), and still have acne at 23. Years ago I tried Spearmint which did nothing, then later Saw Palmetto which made me feel nauseous daily. So, although I have no proof, I believe I have an adequate amount of testosterone, and thus maybe even an adequate amount of DHT. It's just my estrogen and progesterone are too low. When I first took PM, I felt great, and Vitex never disagreed with me either. So I believe I should leave my testosterone alone, and focus only on the other two.

So that's my program and my reasoning behind it! Thoughts or suggestions? Big Grin
(Quick question, what happened to the signatures? I see below I can still include my signature, but I don't see them anymore since the forum changed. Is there a new setting to display them?)
Okay, so my program needs some reworking. I stopped taking PC on day 29 as planned, but then my cycle turned out to be 43 days long. And, I ran out of magnesium the week before my period and experienced so much anxiety until finally the night before my period I had the biggest attack and break down in a long time... Sad So, I decided to definitely get some more magnesium, along with a thermometer so I can more accurately pinpoint when I ovulate so I don't have to guess so much. And I decided to take Maca again so as to help balance me out a bit while I'm taking the other two. So let's see how it goes this cycle!

No longer basing it on 30, because that was already shorter than my average 34. The lengths of each phase is completely dependent on when I ovulate, but I'll only take PM for one week maximum and PC for two weeks maximum (400 mg of magnesium is taken every day all month long):
Follicular Phase
Day 1-6 ~ Nothing during menses, let my body do a complete reset
Day 7 ~ Maca 500 mg - 2 in the morning
Day 8-15 ~ Maca, Barlowe's Pueraria Mirifica 550mg - 1 in the morning on empty stomach
Day 16-ovulation~ Maca 500 mg - 2 in the morning
Luteal Phase
Day ovulation-13 more days ~ Maca, Progesta-Care 20mg - 1 pump in the morning
Days until menses ~ Maca 500 mg - 2 in the morning
And daily massaging!

My last cycle may have had a bad ending, but I did feel pretty great throughout the rest of it. Here's hoping this time will fix what went wrong! Big Grin


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