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Need a good NBE diet
hey. i’m flattered you think i know something. i know enough to know i don’t know enough that i should be telling someone else what they should do. oh screw it, what the hell. i can tell you a little of what interests me. i think about biological balance. the closer i get to that, the more responsive i feel i may be to these little things i undertake on behalf of my boobs. re: mk-677  …i hesitated when i saw the caveat at the bottom of the package. maybe, it’s ok, idk. i am still curious about it. https://sarms4you.com/product/mk-677-powder/
i stay away from bad halogens. http://www.iodine-resource.com/halogens.html  if you look at this periodic table ..you can see why these halogens are in the same family and all want to hookup with your iodine receptors ..they all have the same number of electrons in their outer shell. i had to tell you that. it made me feel uncommonly smart. https://ptable.com  this is a good article, too https://www.holisticprimarycare.net/topi...yroid.html  this is the stuff i have https://www.amazon.com/J-CROWS-Lugols-So...ols+iodine  also, trace minerals makes a nice ionic iodine solution https://traceminerals.com/ionic-iodine/ ..also, i take some icelandic kelp tablets  ...be careful not to overdo it, though

to me, when i think about my boobs, i think about the machine ..it’s the health of the machine. it’s your overall biological, bio-electric machine which involves your joy, your breath, your circulation, your diet, your sleep cycle ..definitely a general sense that you are moving forward in life ..that you have purpose and direction. when i think about our bodies, it’s all those things. i want bigger bazooms  ..like Dcups but, my overall health has to come first cuz i figure beautiful big happy boobs need a beautiful big happy biology. i guess that’s why i do some of what i do ..like growing wheat and barley grass  …and for the record, it does not taste good, at all. 

i love simple massage. it’s so good  ‘ …breast massage stimulates the nerves of the nipples and breasts. This increases circulation, releases the hormones oxytocin and DHEA, , and increases neural development and blood and lymphatic circulation. It can increase both fullness and buoyancy of the bust by strengthening the suspensory ligaments and muscles, while increasing blood and lymphatic movement in the breasts.’    ….and noggling. i don’t do near enough. i try to eat enough raw foods for cellular health. beware of leaky gut …tiny, tiny, tiny bits of incompletely digested food that may pass through intestinal walls into you circulation will be regarded not as nutritive but as foreign bodies and will cause an immune response  …and inflammation, some of that could end up as joint pain. proteolytic enzyme therapy is real interesting https://metabolichealing.com/quell-the-f...e-therapy/  …i think a lot of people take them for arthritis and amyloid plaques in the brain.  this is a good one. https://www.amazon.com/Michaels-Naturopa...eshonestly, i think boobs don’t necessarily need a lot of attention, i think they need very regular attention, like several little massages every day. they’re like kitty-kats. don't diet. eat enough good food and exercise ..burn some of those calories  ...it's really weird how it creates a different kind of chemistry than dieting and being sedentary ..but, definitely burn less than your taking in so your chemistry puts something away into a fertile body. eat coconut oil. i love that stuff. sorry for sounding preachy ..i feel like i know a very little bit about more things than i can keep in my head and still, there's so, so much i don't know. my friend bettie on this forum had, like other girls some challenges with pcos ..i was disappointed i couldn't find some miracle to tell her but everything kept coming back to a disciplined, whole foods diet. if i think of other things, i'll try to post them. let us know how you fair.

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