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ok, I didn’t ever used fenugreek, but maybe i should try it. I know it may cause weight gain and i’m Fat (my weight is ok but my butt and hips are soooo large!) so I don’t want to use pills, but topical creams. 
Fenugreek activates adipogenesys, so maybe it’s ok for my boobs. 
Someone says it reduces the transformation of testosterone to DHT (and it’s perfect for me, cause I think my androgens are hight...because of acne, black and wide hair on body and nipples, but I haven’t PCOS) 
Anyone has tried topical fenugreek? 
I also think that progesterone cream can be a good idea for my boobs!
Right now nothing has work,but i don’t give up! 
Thank you for your attention!
Hi Cely
Progesterone creme (aka wild Yam) is a good massage cream, but your not supposed to use it every day.
Fenugreek has an odd aroma (kinda like maple syrup). So you are warned.
This process is trial and error and the more you read about what others have tried the smarter your choices will be, and the sooner you will see success.
We are all rooting for you!
Hi Bobbi, 
I didn’t take fenugreek, i’m Very scared to make things worse (my herbal stacks didn’t help me, just made things worse) 

I think is because of my body shape, when I raise my estrogens my pear shaped body goes worse, this is soooo bad, if I was skinny with an AA cup I didn’t search for NBE. 

I need something which don’t make my lower body wider, but I can’t find anything! So sad Sad


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