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maca+ fenugreek+ SP+ red clover

I have been lurking for a few years now since I was 18 but I didn't want to start at such a young age. now that I am 22 I finally decided to try herbal enhancements. 
I'm currently around 115 pounds, 5'3 and in between a 32AA and 32A. I don't fully fill a 32a. I was wondering if my program is okay. I started last week taking only one of each but I slowly want to ramp it up. So far no side effects.

I am currently taking

maca 525mg (naturesway): 2 per day
fenugreek 610mg(naturesway): 2 per day
Saw palmetto 160mg (now foods, they are berries): 2 per day

and I am using red clover extract for massage. 

I was wondering what is the maximum I can and should take of each? Have any of you experienced growth from these and are they a good combination? Do any of you recommend something I should add? 

Thanks Big Grin
So it has been a month since I have started.
currently taking 4 capsules of fenugreek a day, 2 capsules of saw palmetto and 4 of maca

My right breast is smaller than the left so I have only been massaging the right one. However, I think my left one is fuller. It finally seems to fully fit into an A cup. 

My biggest concern is, I was supposed to start my period this past Sunday and 6 days later I have yet to start it. In the past I have missed months. But, I dont know if it has to do with herbs. Am I taking too much? Should I stop or decrease my dosage?
Rule number one
If it hurts or causes unexpected changes in bodily functions. Stop and reassess.
I'd cut back to half of what your taking and see what happens.
Also do a search on cycling in the forums.
I've noticed a lot of women will cycle the herbs they take depending on their menstrual cycle.


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