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maca+ fenugreek+ SP+ red clover

I have been lurking for a few years now since I was 18 but I didn't want to start at such a young age. now that I am 22 I finally decided to try herbal enhancements. 
I'm currently around 115 pounds, 5'3 and in between a 32AA and 32A. I don't fully fill a 32a. I was wondering if my program is okay. I started last week taking only one of each but I slowly want to ramp it up. So far no side effects.

I am currently taking

maca 525mg (naturesway): 2 per day
fenugreek 610mg(naturesway): 2 per day
Saw palmetto 160mg (now foods, they are berries): 2 per day

and I am using red clover extract for massage. 

I was wondering what is the maximum I can and should take of each? Have any of you experienced growth from these and are they a good combination? Do any of you recommend something I should add? 

Thanks Big Grin


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