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Does anybody knows the herb that lower LH/FSH ratio and testosterone level?
I tested blood test and ultrasound in june,2017.
LH/FSH ratio is very high,
LH hormone level  was 27,
FSh level was 5 

and testosterone level was high.

I want to cure both and enlarge my breasts.

I have severe acne and leg hair.

and I have little "male patterned baldness"

when I take PC in luteal phase, my baldness is seemed relieved.

now, I take fenugreek and licorice root  in Follicular phase, and take PC in luteal phase. but when I take fenugreek and licorice, I have severe acne..... Sad

everyday, I take v-d3, omega-3, msm, v-c, probiotics.

when I don't know that spearmint tea stimulates lh level, I always drink alot. But not anymore.

I wanna know the herb that lower testosterone and lh/fsh ratio, or that is good for PCOS.

I heard that fenugreek and licorice and hops, but they don't seem to suit me a bit(I have to wait and see, but)

Please tell me if you know
thank you!
I've already made updates to the herb schedule (that lower LH), and added parts about hot-flashes and hirsutism that applies to improving the FSH to LH ratio. Anyone please let me know below if this helps with androgenic symptoms.


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