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Is there a way of preventing nipple growth, the tape i put on jus comes off ith the suction, pasties for daily is prtty expenisve will taping them correctly make it so the nipple dont grow, it seems mostly just the nipples are growing nd way faster then the boobs... any tips? Well isaw a lot of boob growth too but a lot of unwaned nipple growth with it. which the boob growth was exciting i could really see it working just not the whole nipple thing.. i didnt tape it at first but then after even with tapping dint rly work im scaed to tr again. 
i wonder if my nipples will go back to normal. I am taking a long break to see when and then restart the noogleberry. Maybe when you start off too quick and with out tape you have more nipple/aereola problems. Seems it caused some Montgomery gland growth/issues too. But I could deff. see it working in the long run for breast growth, just has that unwanted side effect, but ill take a break and try it with tape. I tried tape but it peeled off in the pump so did other stuff but i am going to try it  different way and maybe some pasties, pasties are just hard to upkeep with and I have a hard time choosing which ones, the silicone ones are expensive and temporary, idk how well other ones work
I wonder why some people's nipples get bigger and some peoples don't and if its for most people that they see aereola and nipple growth?
Also, do some peoples nipples still grow even with taping it? I wonder why and I wonder what the difference is

Well actually it's been a while and my nipples still have not gone back to fully normal though they seem to go back slightly normal again but im going to give it more time contunie with a much longer break then try with tape and different methods
any ideas tips methods etc? 


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