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My Program... (:
My best friend and I used to have identical proportions, both 5ft 1, 32G, 23" waist... And we're both vegetarian.

After the end of a long-term relationship I suffered from terrible depression. I went from 32G to 32C in 6 months. I kept getting all kinds of infections, losing weight and I went down from 112 lbs to 84 lbs.

2 years on, I've regained all the weight I lost (and 11 lbs extra!) but not on my breasts Sad I'm now a 34B and 28" waist. My metabolism has slowed right down (I had to leave the circus and give up martial arts due to an injury at the same time as the break up) and I feel like some kind of chemical balance as changed altogether. I assumed my body would go back to how it used to be but it it hasn't happened.

My new partner has commented on my breast size (or lack of) by comparing me to a well endowed friend of his and saying he wished I had big boobs like her. I've never had my confidence knocked like that; now I obsess about my breasts and I hate my boyfriend touching them or looking at me naked.

I would seriously consider surgery but I can't afford it and quite frankly I would be embarrased to have fake breasts. I've always been a strong feminist and even by looking at NBE I feel as though I'm trying to conform to a female gender stereotype by increasing my bust size. At the same time I just want to have the figure I used to have and I want to feel comfortable around my partner Sad everytime I see my best friend, or the woman I was compared to, or in fact anyone with larger breasts than mine, I feel jealous. My episodes of depression are acute and frightening; all this obsessing seems to be dragging me into another episode Sad and to think it could all be avoided if my breasts would bloomin' grow! ARGHHHH.

All that aside, I really don't have the money to spend on, well, anything really, so most of this just prospective :'( nevertheless here's my plan of action;

I tried taking 2x Fenugreek AM and PM for a month.
I also massaged for 15 mins 3x daily, did breast exercises and drank plenty of fennel tea.
I did not expect immediate results but I knew it wasn't working for me so I have composed an entirely new plan...

Milk Thistle x2, AM + PM for a week to cleanse.


Birth-control pill (will run 4 packs consecutively)
Pituitary x1, AM + PM
L-Tyrosine x1 AM + PM
Raw Adrenal x1, AM + PM
PM x2, AM + PM
Protein shake
Wild Yam x2, AM + PM
Saw palmetto x2, AM + PM
Some kind of Collagen supplement
Plenty of water
And Fennel Tea
No alcohol or caffeine :'(
May have to take fish oil supplements... I don't eat fish and I consider this breaking my vegetarianism but it might improve my general health condition so maybe I really ought to?
Breast exercises 30 mins daily

I can't currently afford this but I'll find a way Smile
Also, some of these things may contradict each other. I've researched so many different methods that I've probably got a bit jumbled. If there are any obvious clashes please let me know.


I will replace PM with BO or BB (urghh I might as well eat dead animals if I'm going to do this... might as well... but I won't)
And at kelp x2 AM


I'll invest in a Noogleberry and up the intake of collagen supplements.

All the while listening to the Rockmelon ringtone for 1 hr a day (on the bus)... Why not? Smile

Before I begin any of this however, I need to finish my drastic weight loss diet (it's not drastic at all... I like my food) because if I have a smaller waist my boobs will hopefully look proportionally bigger.

Wish me an awful lot of luck! If I don't get my previous bra size back I have wasted a horrendous amount of money on underwear that I don't have the heart to throw out Sad

Wishing you the best nbe success ever! I so understand your desire to get bigger breasts. Coming from a bigger 32G before, I'm thinking you have a better chance of success of getting back to the size you were before. Welcome!
Hi and welcome,

I was in a similar situation like you too, just as Soonenough whom I have taken a lot of advice fromBig Grin I so feel for you too, so been there and kind still until my girls get bigger and my acne and cellulite go away..Dodgy Yes seeing if taking and doing certain things if it will help cellulite (my new experiment and projectBig Grin)

Do alot of reading!!!!!!! Stay positive, to me it is very important..

Feel free to ask any questions or PM if you dont want to post it to all.
Hi and welcome,
first, I hope you did talk with your boyfriend about the comment he made, because this is a bit insensitive and I think he wasn't really serious, if you ask him, I'm sure he'll reassure you and tell you that you're beautiful as you are !

Anyway, wanting to get back to the body you used to have is normal. You can do it. Since you already had big breast before I'm sure you'll grow fast. This was my case, I went from a loose C to a D in three months (didn't finished yet).

Massage is certainly the most effective thing in NBE, so be regular on it. I do 10mn a day, some girls do it twice, maybe three times is too much, don't get obsessed. Also, I think that you just have to get to a generally healthier life, have a lot of sleep, try to avoid stress ... Did you got back on sports since you stopped martial arts and circus ? I believe this would help you growing, and also with your mood.

About PM, I have a doubt, you're not supposed to take any other herbs with it, so wild yam, saw palmetto and fennel should be out of your routine. Wait for someone else's advice because I'm not 100% sure since I don't take PM, but I believe I've read that it's too powerful to be mixed with other herbs. Regular supplements are okay to be taken though.

And I don't think that fish oil tabs are proper to help in NBE, I'm taking it to take care of my skin (rosacea) but I have read that it increase testosterone levels, no good.

How are you planning to lose the weight ? Do you want to start NBE in the same time ? By the way how old are you ?
Hi Onicemile,

I have been doing alot of reading and I came to the conclusion that my androgens are high do to symptoms and from what Wahaika mentioned to take borage oil or flaxseed oil (I am going to rotate them cause not sure about taking only flaxseed oil just my own opinion and gut feeling. I have read the same about fish oil too that it up testostrogen sp?.

You said you have rosacea. I have acne (i am 47 yrs old) and a skin rash that doctors just associate with immune problems, well since I have been adding the flaxseed oil (orally and externally) EPO externally, taking msm which I think is very helpful, vitc, and just started l-glutamine, and cut my sugars and refined carbs, drinking fennel and spearmint tea... I have seen alot of changes...oh and taking Saw Palmentto.. just to let you know if you arent taking any of these if may help your rosacea..

Thank you
Thanks for the encouragement everybody Smile t's nice to know that people have been in a similar situation and seen results.

Onicemile I did talk with my boyfriend about his comment and although he said he didn't mean it, it's by no means the frst time. When I said a dress I wanted didn't fit he said I should pad my bra, he just assumed it was too big for my breasts when actually it was too small Sad when I pointed that out he said maybe I should get a smaller size so it pushes them up a bit. I'm getting to the point where I can't deal with his comments anymore Sad

I haven't started martial arts or circus again because of permanentnerve damage when someone dropped me fro a trapeze on to my neck... I've been doing physio to make it better but it's made it worse so it'll be a while before I can exercise again. You're definately right though, I would feel a lot happier if I could do it again. I'm a very stressy person these days!

Thanks for letting me know about PM, I think I'm actually going to begin with BO instead now. It works out better financially and I don't want to play around with my hormones with herbs too much at the moment. I went to the Doctors yesterday and was told I'm not allowed estrogen so I've changed BCP to a progestogen only pill. I've heard that this often works better for NBE than the normal pill anyway so that's a good thing but I'm not sure how to change my program due to not being allowed estrogen?

I'm planning to lose weight by eating less, light exercise that won't inflame my injuries and taking fat metaboliser tablets as my metabolism has slowed down immensely since my injuryies. I'm planning to begin a full NBE programme after I've lost the weight but fo now I'm just massaging, drinking fennel tea (I might try making tea like the one you use for your program) and seeing if my new BCP helps!

Oh, and I'm 21 but I look about 12 Smile
haha your kinda like me; similar age and i used to have bigger boobs on a slim hourglass figure then went through a 5yr abusive relationship, anorexia and post trauma depressionSad went down to less than 90lb from 130 n im 5ft7 :S but even though iv put back on similar amount of weight i didnt get my Gs back.
btw im vegetarian also haha we could be nbe buddies!
,anyway i love love love PM omg! anythings possible with it...check out my 'progress pics'
i also find pm helps my skin, hair and mood also notice i have less fat on my arms and waist.
As me and you both had natural big boobs id really recommend trying PM because i had results really quick.

i havent seen any amazing BO results(plus are bigger boobs worth killing for) i think the most was Anastasia and she used a NB as well.
it seems if your looking for bigger cup sizes herbs or pm give faster and more results, and if u keep taking them the bigger bust you can get see chiyomilk(japanese blog she went from small B to H cup in 5yrs)

There are vegetarian alternatives to most supplements;
you can take flax seed oil instead of fish oils its actually quite popular on here
also there are plant collagens or MSM(makes collagen in the body)
the only other supplements i used were a multivitamin(with calcium) and multi amino acid caps(boost growth hormone)
and that worked :O after my week off pm(after 3 mnths no pm breaks) i may try adding MSM and a pm cream.
i did buy a NB but didnt use it much because of being too busy Sad now i need to buy new cups but i will(when iv got enough posts for the discount lol)

wild yam and SP are ok to use with pm because they arent phytoestrogens i really like fennel tea so i drink it anyway so it appears safe x

good luck!
I agree with Soonenough, if you used to have big boobs then you will gain them back and quickly! PM is something I definately recommend. I was on BO before and had some growth but I say it's nothing comparing to results I got from PM! If you take PM then other herbs are not necessary becasue PM is the strongest phytoestrogen. Though FG is said to be equally good, it works not only on estrogen but also on prolactin. Fennel is for increasing prolactin but you should be careful about it, elevated prolactin level if dangerous for women. SP is anti-androgen, if you have too high DHT then you can you use. You should take calcium supplement with PM. PM cream works, maybe you should give it a try.

Don't worry, you will have huge boobs and I hope by that time you will dump your stupid boyfriend. Angry
Oops, I wrote the answer before reading your last post. If you have elevated estrogen already then I'm hesitant to recommend PM! You're right, some people gorw from just progesterone pill. I used progesterone cream after I was on individual herbs (which toltally screwed up my cycle) and all of a sudden my boobs grew, I wasn't taking anything else at that time.

Wish you best luck! Smile
I'm with Ginie, I hope you dump your boyfriend. You sound far too nice and intelligent to be treated like that.

ANYWAYS, I feel like I am having success with PM cream, fenugreek, and MSM. I'm also a vegetarian so I would naturally tell you not to do the fish oil and/or BO. But good luck with whatever path you choose!

Sorry I don't have much to contribute, I am still new, just wanted to send you some encouragement!

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