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The Breast Growth Hormones, including IGF, HGF and how macromastia happens
Hannah Wrote:Wanted to reply on this..by taking Amino Acids we can up our IGF too right? I'm not too sure on this but I know amino acids raise HGH by stimulating that gland in the brain(forgot the English name)...IGF is part of human growth hormones or am I wrong?

HGH does increase IGF-1 a little, but it is much less effective for breast growth than simply giving IGF-1.  I thought I'd look into the studies to find the details on L-arginine and HGH:

This study says that 7g L-arginine for 1 week is ineffective for both GH and IGF-1.

This study found no effect on HGH or anything else from 2.8-5.7g arginine+ 2.2-8.7g asparate for 4 weeks.
It also mentioned how these aminos have been used for this purpose before.

This study says aminos may or may not help and more study is needed.
It also points out that there may be some benefits but they are no better than dietary aminos.

This study points out that while 5-9g L-arginine increases resting HGH, it actually decreases HGH during exercise.  It still increases compared to resting, but not as much as compared to exercise alone with L-arginine.  It also refers to other studies that showed that L-arginine increase HGH

This article claims there are studies with conflicting information, and that the HGH boost is mostly short term:

So it looks like it's a mixed bag on whether or not L-arginine even works to increase HGH.  I have referred to the studies on 6g helping before, now it looks like further study have found that iffy.  Probably only short term and maybe only via injection.  6g L-arginine is a great way to get an upset stomach and super diarrhea unless well spread out, and it seems like you need it all at once to make HGH spike.  I've noticed a lot of people are taking 1-2g L-arginine which is very little compared to what you already get from your diet and compared to what's in the studies.  So... I've always known it was hard to pull off taking enough L-arginine supplements to boost HGH, but now it seems that I was wrong about it helping much even if you do pull it off.  At least not long term.  Maybe short term.

The DHEA study I referred to before was for menopausal women.  I'd have to look further to see if it helps in younger women.  But at least it might be helpful for women with low IGF-1 and/or low hormone levels similar to menopause.

For nutrition I meant more along the lines of a wide variety of nutrients from healthy foods... which also tend to give you your L-arginine too in case it does matter.
Kept taking the 1 full deer velvet extract lozenge from above link.  Eventually felt dazed, then headaches.  The website warned about headaches so that's when I figured out what was going on.  Figures since I responded so fast to begin with.  I took a couple day break then started again at half a lozenge a day and I'm loaded with energy again.    I seem to have gotten a tiny bit leaner too.  Recovery from workouts is improved somewhat.


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